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Show-Me-Select beef meeting set for Jan. 30 at St. Joseph, Mo.


Duane Dailey
University of Missouri Extension
Phone: 573-882-9181

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014

Story sources:

Jim Humphrey, 816-324-3147David J. Patterson, 573-882-7519Amie Schleicher, 660-744-6231Shawn Deering, 660-726-5610

SAVANNAH, Mo. – Beef producers in northwestern Missouri will meet in St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 30, to plan the year in the Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program.

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the University of Missouri Extension Center in Buchanan County, 4125 Mitchell Ave., said Jim Humphrey, livestock specialist, Savannah, Mo.

Recent Show-Me-Select auctions have brought premium prices for bred replacement heifers. There has not been a SMS sale in northwestern Missouri for several years.

The meeting will determine the interest in breeding quality heifers and organizing a sale.

But the program includes much more than a sale, Humphrey said. “Show-Me-Select teaches total quality management. The basics are genetics, especially on calving ease as a starter. But step-by-step protocols begin with prebreeding exams for heifers.”

“The sales get publicity, but the main value is in the home herds,” said David Patterson, MU Extension state beef reproduction specialist, Columbia. “Calving ease is a major attraction. But improved genetics also add gaining ability and other traits.”

With improved reproduction, producers can have more calves to sell.

“Repeat buyers pay more at Show-Me-Select sales when they learn the value of proven genetics and management,” Patterson said.

Sires used for SMS must rank higher than average in genetic accuracies.

Enrollment time is now, Humphrey said. The meeting will discuss management, genetics, sire selection and program requirements.

All livestock specialists in northwestern Missouri participate.

Besides Humphrey at Savannah, that includes Amie Schleicher at Rock Port and Shawn Deering at Albany. Information is at all MU Extension centers.

“We are committed to supporting you as beef producers. This includes working with you through the year-round program,” Humphrey said.

MU Extension conducts the education. A farmer nonprofit group runs the sales. Regional SMS representatives are Kenneth Mort, Gallatin, Mo., and Jeff Gatrel, Cowgill, Mo.

Local veterinarians assist in the program with exams, required vaccinations and pregnancy checks.

All heifers sold at the SMS auctions are guaranteed to be pregnant. A catalog of information is provided on the heifers. That includes expected calving times.

Enrollment forms will be available at the meeting. If there is interest, they will talk about a sale in the region, Humphrey said.

“First priority is producing more Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifers,” Patterson said.

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