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MU Extension outlines administrative structure changes

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013

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Michael D. Ouart, 573-882-7477

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As part of an ongoing initiative to fulfill its mission, University of Missouri Extension has adopted a new administrative structure to support long-term and short-term objectives. Vice Provost and Director of MU Extension Michael Ouart has made appointments with existing staff to implement the new structure, which takes effect immediately.

“As we went about the task of staffing our new structure, it was reassuring to know we had many qualified individuals within the organization willing to accept additional responsibilities,” said Ouart. “I am appreciative of those who expanded their ongoing commitment to extension and those it serves.”

The reporting relationships that comprise the new structure primarily flow through two areas of focus, which report to Ouart.

Associate Vice Provost and Associate Director of MU Extension Beverly Coberly will accept increasing responsibility for transition leaders, human resources and organizational leadership. Coberly will continue to provide oversight for regional, program and continuing education directors. Coberly reports to Ouart.

Interim Assistant Vice Provost for MU Extension Joy Millard will focus on providing administrative management and leadership to organization-wide functions. These include MU Extension’s Strategic Plan, Annual Conference, awards committees, Extension Technology and Computing Services (ETCS), Organizational Development and grant writing. Millard will continue to provide oversight to MU Extension Conference Office operations as needed. She will report to Ouart.

Human resources director for MU Extension Melinda Adams will have increased strategic leadership for human resources. As human resources director, Adams will have responsibility for personnel searches, compensation, benefits and human resource policies and practices. Adams will report to Coberly.

Outside of the two primary areas of focus, Callie Glascock has been named budget director for MU Extension. As such, Glascock will have increased strategic leadership for budgets, funding sources and financial matters for extension. As budget director, Glascock and key staff for communications, county council coordination and advancement will report to Ouart.

To help facilitate MU Extension’s organizational change, which is designed to better position the organization for the future, four individuals, functioning as transitional leaders, have assumed responsibilities that focus on organization-wide initiatives for a period of up to three years. Five individuals have accepted additional responsibilities as facilitators focusing on the integration of extension’s five main program areas: global food systems; health systems; community, economic, business and workforce development; environmental concerns; and educational attainment.

To learn more about this matter or to view a graphic representation of the new structure in greater detail, please visit

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