Attract Bobwhite Quail to your land

    Attracting bobwhite quail

    Bobwhite quail have more complex habitat requirements than many wildlife species. To provide more usable space for quail, landowners must create the appropriate mix of early successional plant communities that quail need to meet their seasonal food and cover needs. Once you have identified the habitat components that are missing or limiting on your property, you can then apply the appropriate management techniques to improve the condition of the habitat for quail on your land.

    MU Extension’s publication, Habitat Management Practices for Bobwhite Quail, includes information about:

    • Developing field borders and a covey headquarters area

    • Promoting woody wedge habitats

    • Improving pastures and hayfields

    • Controlling tall fescue

    • Using prescribed fire

    • Strip disking, and more!

    Download the free publication.