4-H Sportfishing

    4-H Sportfishing

    The 4-H Sportfishing program is a national program developed by professionals in fisheries and youth development.

    Sportfishing 1 topics include:

    • How to tie knots

    • Cast to a target

    • Select tackle

    • Identify types of fish and their internal and external fish parts

    Sportfishing 2 topics include:

    • How to cast using different rods and reels

    • Responsible citizenship

    • Fishing regulations

    • Decorating a lure

    • Sewing a fly wallet

    Sportfishing 3 topics include:

    • How to take apart and put together a fishing reel

    • Making artificial flies

    • Customizing tackle

    • Building and using a kick net

    • Responding to ethical situations

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