Peachy, Aug 24


    Peaches are low in calories and are a good source of Vitamin A.

    Learn the best ways to preserve this summer fruit so you can enjoy it all year.

    • Use high-quality, firm-ripe peaches without any mold or signs of decay.
    • Peaches must be processed in a boiling water bath.
    • Open kettle canning is not safe for any product and is not recommended.
    • Hot packing is recommended for all fruits because it is safer and makes fruit easier to pack in jars. Hot packed peaches are less likely to float than peaches canned by the raw-pack method.
    • It is safe to can peaches without sugar either in juice or water. However, peaches canned in light or medium syrup are firmer and have better color and flavor.
    • Artificial sweeteners tend to turn bitter from the heat used in canning. If you are watching calories, it's better to can peaches in water or juice, and add artificial sweetener before serving.

    Canning tips
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