No new water, Aug 14

    No new water

    Water is essential to human's existence, but the earth only contains and distributes a certain amount of it. It is important to remember that there is no new water. Therefore, it is essential that we manage the groundwater supply wisely.

    Several sources can contaminate groundwater:

    • Nature can contaminate groundwater by dissolving rocks and minerals that create very high salt content in groundwater, making it undrinkable. Shallow groundwater may become contaminated with bacteria or pathogens, and as organic matter decomposes, with nitrates.
    • Agriculture can contaminate water with waste from animal feedlots or confinement areas and with agricultural chemicals such as plant nutrients and pesticides.
    • Industry and municipalities contaminate groundwater with wastes, runoff and sewage disposal.
    • Household septic systems can contaminate groundwater.

    Look to MU Extension for ways to test, treat and conserve groundwater and well water