Missouri Woodland Steward

    Missouri Woodland Steward

    Missouri citizens own about 85 percent of the state's 15 million forested acres. Proper care and management of the private forest resources are important to the health of Missouri's economy and environment. To protect this valuable resource, look to MU Extension to help manage these concepts.

    The DVD series includes information on:

    • Getting started
      Learn how to write clear goals and objectives; access information on property ownership, aerial photographs, topographic maps and soil productivity; how to conduct perimeter and interior walks of your property; and basic tree and grass identification.
    • Basic concepts of forest ecology.
      Assessing your forest stand, tending your woodland garden and forest health.
    • Woodlands and wildlife
      Learn basic wildlife ecological concepts; the effects of various forest management practices on food and cover; and be exposed to specific wildlife habitat management techniques.
    • Developing a management plan
      Understand the steps in developing the plan and its specific parts.

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