Healthy Lifestyles Initiative

Since 2008, the University of Missouri Extension Healthy Lifestyle Initiative (HLI) has helped communities develop and implement action plans focused on increasing the availability of healthy, affordable, locally produced food and safe, accessible physical activity. In 2011, Montgomery County received a planning grant to organize stakeholders around these issues. Over the past yea,r Community Development Specialist Dean Larkin has engaged nursing homes, Montgomery County Health Department, day cares and schools in discussing how to coordinate the various efforts going on that are focused on helping people be healthier.  Broad representation from the community will be key to creating a successful program and Extension is uniquely situated to bring this about. Work will continues during 2012 to produce a positive effect on health and diet issues in Montgomery County.

Below are the visions and goals created by local Healthy Lifestyle Initiative committee at their Feb. 23, 2012, meeting:


To build more food and exercise options for all age groups by increasing community involvement and education.


Teach children about healthy eating (5)

Share knowledge in the community (5)

Health Fair (exercise and cooking demos) (4)

Directory for local producers (4)

Label learning in grocery store (3)

Support beginning gardeners (2)

Community garden (2)

Strong wellness policy in schools (2)

Early childhood education (2)


The general process for developing a community-wide healht initiative will vary from community to community.

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