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MOCAN Guiding Principles

Greater Good
MOCAN strives to facilitate the improved health and the greater good of all Missourians. We pledge to support and apply the following principles in order to achieve MOCAN’s mission.

Inclusiveness and Diversity
We welcome the views and contributions of all MOCAN members and remain open to new members from all segments of the state. We will work together to maintain equitable member representation across the state and among population groups.

Mutual Respect
We acknowledge and respect the unique experience, perspective, knowledge and expertise that each member brings to MOCAN. We respect one another and work together in ways to recognize that all contributions are of equal importance and all persons of equal value.

Transparency and Openness
We believe in the importance of transparency and the public sharing of accurate, complete data and statistics, minutes and other materials in a manner that is clear and open to the public.

We are committed to continuing dialogue, analysis and modification of our mission and work plan as needs change and progress is made toward achieving our goals.

We base our decisions on these principles and will identify, review and incorporate findings of new and ongoing research in a manner that reflects these principles. MOCAN’s decision-making processes are transparent, accountable and include ways for others to offer comments and feedback.