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Childhood Obesity Priority Actions

Aligning Missouri Efforts on Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity

Given the magnitude and complexities of obesity, MOCAN is participating in transformative and multilevel approaches to impact this epidemic in Missouri. The Children’s Services Commission (CSC) convened the Subcommittee on Childhood Obesity in 2014 to review the evidence regarding prevention and treatment approaches, the current gaps in Missouri and the issues which contribute to this problem. The Subcommittee compiled, publicly vetted and presented five statewide, impactful, actionable and feasible recommendations to the CSC in 2014:

  1. Update child care licensing rules on feeding practices, nutrition, physical activity and screen time. Assure training and support services for child care providers to meet new standards.
  2. Establish an Office of Student Wellness to maintain expectations for health and physical education curricula. Modify school accreditation by including a voluntary health and wellness component. Provide support to schools to implement best practices and school wellness policies.
  3. Reimburse licensed professionals with specialized training to provide family-centered evidence-based multicomponent weight reductions programs through Medicaid.
  4. Establish Centers of Excellence to provide and improve access to evidence-based weight management services, build community-based capacity for treatment and prevention, and evolve prevention and treatment approaches.
  5. Establish a commission to oversee implementation, study effectiveness and provide a forum for education and future actions.


Donna Mehrle
University of Missouri Extension