screenshot of Seasonal and simple appSeasonal and simple App
The smart phone application “Seasonal and simple” is now available in both IOS and Android versions. The application is FREE to download or you can find the online version at The application is based on the MU Extension publication “Seasonal and simple” which is a selection, storage and preparation guide for Missouri produce. The online version and the app have the additional “Find It” feature which enables consumers to find farmers markets in or near each Missouri county.

front cover of Farm to School Resource GuideFarm To School Resource Guide
Farm to School (FTS) is any activity connecting schools to local food and farms. The main goals of FTS are to serve fresh, high-quality, locally grown food in school cafeterias; to provide agriculture, health and nutrition education; and to support local and regional farmers. The resources in this guide are meant to serve as a toolkit for starting, sustaining and enhancing farm to school programs.

front cover of Livable Streets Advocacy GuideLivable Streets Advocacy Guide
What makes a walkable community? What tools do you need to make your town more livable? This guide can provide you with the answers and tools you need.

front cover of Livable Streets Planning GuideLivable Streets Planning Guide
The Missouri Livable Streets Design Guidelines was created to provide guidance and references for Missouri communities to create Livable Streets. Livable Streets is a new way of looking at transportation. Its focus is on providing transportation corridors for motor vehicles and for people on foot, in a wheelchair or on a bike.



front cover of Child/Adolescent Tool Kit for Healthcare ProvidersHealthcare Provider Tool Kits
Created by MoCAN Healthcare work group members to assist healthcare professionals in caring for overweight and obese patients. These tool kits are available to download from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website:

More information about ordering the tool kits can be found on our Resources page.