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Work Groups

Council Work Groups

MOCAN consists of a Steering Committee and the following Work Groups:

  1. Food Systems
  2. Healthcare
  3. Physical Activity
  4. Policy/Communications
  5. Schools/Child Care
  6. Worksites

Additional interest groups may be convened as needed, e.g. membership, funding, evaluation, etc.


In addition to general membership roles and responsibilities, Work Group members:

  1. Identify two individuals to serve as members of the Steering Committee.
  2. Attend the meetings of MoCAN and Work Groups, and meet as needed between large group meetings.
  3. Assure Work Group representation at each MoCAN and Steering Committee meeting.
  4. Join the appropriate Work Group List Serve.
  5. Identify, recruit and retain additional members.
  6. Contribute relevant data and other information, e.g., new research or information for evaluation activities.
  7. Provide monthly and annual updates to the Steering Committee.
  8. Provide technical assistance to MoCAN members.
  9. Assist with the revision of the Burden of Overweight and Obesity document and the Plan as necessary.
  10. Address specific time-sensitive needs.
  11. Complete the activities of their respective Work Groups, collaboratively, as determined by the members.
  12. Utilizing the Plan goals and objectives as a framework, gather and maintain an inventory of member agencies and their activities, and catalogue how they relate to the Plan.
  13. Initiate and facilitate member discussions regarding issues that require action from their individual Work Groups. Examples include: pending legislation that may affect school wellness programs or policies, or MoCAN as a whole, e.g., legislation and policy issues that cut across all disciplines, e.g., those that would apply to all health promotion and chronic diseases, and may be better addressed through an interagency sub-group.
  14. Actively participate in all of the meetings of MoCAN and their Work Group.
  15. Undertake other responsibilities as identified.