The purpose of the Healthcare Work Group is to increase support for health care professionals and health care systems to promote physical activity and nutrition habits that prevent and control obesity and obesity-related chronic disease in Missouri children and adults. We aim to accomplish this purpose through the following strategies:

  1. Enhance prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity through improved healthcare professional knowledge, skills and practices.
  2. Sponsor an award annually to both a health care professional and pre-professional displaying outstanding advocacy work in the area of prevention or treatment of obesity.

For more information, please see the Work Plan (docx)

Healthcare Provider Tool Kits have been created by MoCAN Healthcare work group members to assist healthcare professionals in caring for overweight and obese patients. For more information, refer to the toolkits ad.

These tool kits are available to download from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website:

Third Annual MoCAN Healthcare Pre-Professional Student Award and Healthcare Professional Award competition has begun! The deadline for applications is April 21, 2014. For more information, refer to the announcements:

Want to know more about the Farm to Institution movement and understand what a Livable Street is? See our healthcare professional tip sheets:

Need a community resource guide for your patients? See our resource guide template to create a customizable resource guide for your practice.

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