Whole Brain Teams

The MELD Training teams have long recognized the significance of having people work in teams that are balanced and representative of multiple ideas.

Teams that are well-adjusted and represent all thinking are more effective as they look at issues and problems from different perspectives.  Teams that made up of members who each look at the world a little differently consider more options and make better decisions.

An extremely important part of every MELD Class has been the development and use of the research based on the Herrmann Whole Brain concepts.  MELD participants in their first session took the opportunity to do some self-assessment by participating in the Herrmann Whole Brain exercise.  To maximize workforce productivity when information is constantly flowing and time and attention are at a premium, we need to help people of all thinking styles embrace their natural preferences to structure smarter workflows that work for them.

Session 1 allowed the teams to organize mentally balanced teams that will work together to solve the issues that they face.

The MELD VI Whole Brain Teams are:

Grape Nehi's

  • Jim Crawford
  • Maude Harries
  • Stephanie Femrite
  • Nellie Lamers


  • Andrew Zumwalt
  • Amy Patillo
  • Clint Dougherty
  • Crystal Weber

Think Tank

  • Gene Stevens
  • Lynda Zimmerman
  • Shatomi Luster
  • Megan Martin


  • Valerie Tate
  • Shaun Murphy
  • Jeremy Elliott-Engle
  • Patrick Byers

Kit Kats

  • Craig Payne
  • Jewel Coffman
  • Georgia Stuart-Simmons
  • Tish Johnson