The MELD learning experience

Includes the following elements:

  • Five 4-day sessions featuring engaging speakers and participatory learning
  • Team learning experiences
  • Opportunities for self-discovery and self-reflection
  • A work-integrated innovation project
  • A holistic approach to problem-solving
  • Personal and professional rejuvenation
  • A community service component

An important part of the MELD experience is the development and implementation of a work-integrated innovation project. The purpose of the project is to "meld" the participants’ leadership training with their University of Missouri Extension position responsibilities.

The innovation project should not be considered an "extra" but an integral part of the participant’s normal workload. The project may, for example, involve the development of a new program in one’s county or department or an expansion of an existing program to serve new audiences. It also may involve an opportunity to try out new theories regarding development of collaborations or partnerships.

During the early sessions of the MELD experience, participants will be able to develop, revise, refine or change their project. Change projects may be done individually or in conjunction with other class members. Shortly following the third session, participants will be asked to submit the revised outline for training team approval. Most MELD participants will be expected to have completed their change project by the end of the MELD experience.

Workshop sessions and dates for MELD VII — Locations to be determined

Session One: May 1- May 4, 2018
Teambuilding / Self Awareness

Session Two: October 2- October 5, 2018
Personal Leadership Development

Session Three: November 27- November 30, 2018
Organizational Leadership

Session Four: January 22- January 25, 2019
Diversity / Inclusiveness

Session Five: September April 23- April 26, 2019
Change Projects / Reflection / Call to Action