Media relations

The Cooperative Media Group staff help MU Extension and CAFNR faculty and staff by reporting on topical and relevant activities, research and programs at the University of Missouri. These news stories can be created and distributed to both print and broadcast/electronic media in Missouri and throughout the United States. News reports from the Cooperative Media Group have been featured in local and national media including: CBS News, The Discovery Channel, National Public Radio, KMOX Radio, The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch and many other prominent publications.

Our staff is also available to help faculty and staff present an effective and positive impression when working with local and national media opportunities.

Download extension video to your smartphone

MU Extension Cooperative Media Group describes how to download extension video news stories for viewing on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices.

S:/UMSystem/Coop Media/Smart Phone Files/iPhone Files/

We are always looking for news stories. Contact one of our staff with your ideas.