Upon completing the initial training,  volunteers are asked to contribute 40 hours of service in natural resource conservation in projects that meet local conservation needs and that you help design. Service possibilities include assisting with plant and animal surveys, natural community restoration and demonstration native plant gardens, participating in a speakers bureau, giving school programs, assisting with outdoor skills training, and more.

Current volunteer projects and events are featured on the Volunteer page.

Maintaining your certification as a Missouri Master Naturalist

Each year Master Naturalists must complete a minimum of 8 hours of approved advanced training and 40 hours of volunteer service to maintain their certification.

Every year that volunteers successfully complete these requirements, they are recognized by receiving a specially designed pin that is available only during that particular year.

Newly trained volunteers that complete these requirements in the same year they received their initial certification are also eligible to receive a pin. The pins are limited editions of images of native Missouri plants and animals that are drawn by an MDC artist each year.

You are encouraged to participate in advanced training and community service opportunities that are offered by your respective chapter — and be eligible to receive this award.