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Hi Lonesome Chapter (Cole Camp)

Capstone Project

Prairie Fence Marking
Hi Lonesome/Green Ridge Conservation Opportunity Area

Sponsors: Missouri Department of Conservation and Audubon Missouri

Contact: Steve Cooper, Steve.Cooper@mdc.mo.gov  660-530-5500
Korey Wolfe, kwolfe@audubon.org  660-668-3810

Description: Recent research has shown that over 40% of Lesser Prairie Chicken, close cousin to the Greater Prairie Chicken, mortality is directly related to fence collisions. Highly visible fence markers are shown to greatly reduce the risk of fence collisions. Marking the top wire of fence with vinyl “undersill” has shown great promise as it is highly durable, highly visible for prairie chickens and is not harmful to livestock.   

Participants work as teams to cut 3-inch sections of vinyl siding then attach them every 5 feet to the top wire of selected fences. Except for the occasional tag that melts during prescribed fire, the tag will be sufficient for the life of the fence.

Estimated time to complete the project: Currently 11 miles of public fencing needs tagging in the Hi Lonesome/Green Ridge COA. The Capstone will be considered complete when four miles of fence has been tagged, but will not be limited to those four miles.

Time Frame: Prairie chickens can fly into fences anytime of year, therefore, the sooner the project gets off the ground the better. Female fence mortalities will likely spike during the middle of May when twilight foraging is common due to brooding/nesting responsibilities.

Resources Provided: The vinyl siding, cutting materials, and maps of selected fences will be provided.