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Hi Lonesome Chapter (Cole Camp)

Capstone Project

Grassland Bird Monitoring
Hi Lonesome/Green Ridge Conservation Opportunity Area

Sponsors: Missouri Department of Conservation and Audubon Missouri

Contact: Korey Wolfe, 660-668-3810, kwolfe@audubon.org
Max Alleger, 660-885-8179 ext. 247, max.alleger@mdc.mo.gov
Andy Forbes, 573-882-9909 ext. 3241, Andrew.Forbes@mdc.mo.gov

Description: Participants conducted/assisted with monitoring of breeding grassland and shrubland birds on public and partner-owned grasslands within the Hi Lonesome/Green Ridge Conservation Areas. Monitoring activities consisted of point distance sampling and Breeding Bird Altas sampling, following protocols implemented by MDC Resource Scientist Andy Forbes during 2006 and 2007. The Chapter also conducting an annual Christmas Bird Count style census during the non-breeding season.

Participants worked as teams to complete pre-determined bird counts by or before critical target dates annually.  Participants also recorded field data and provided results to Audubon Missouri’s Korey Wolfe. Data gathered via this Capstone project was sent to continue documenting bird response to landscape scale habitat improvement projects. 

Estimated time to complete the project: Total hours - 60-80

Time Frame: Breeding birds were sampled using the aforementioned protocols between May 27 and July 7. Additional sampling during non-breeding season took place as part of the Audubon Society 109th annual Christmas Bird Count on December 31, 2008.

Resources Provided: Wildlife Diversity Funds made available to support citizen science monitoring within this Conservation Opportunity Area provided binoculars, bird field guides and consumable supplies.