Mentors needed

Seeking experienced Missouri beekeepers

Starting in 2006 with the media coverage of colony collapse disorder (CCD) and the rapid decline of honey bees around the world, the number of beginning beekeepers has been on the rise. The number of backyard beekeepers in cities such as London and New York has reportedly increased threefold since 2008.

The presence of varroa mites, small hive beetles, foul brood, chalk brood, tracheal mites and now CCD has made previous maintenance practices obsolete. Individuals that haven't kept honey bees consistently in the past 10 years are surprised to find how much conditions and practices have changed.

The Missouri Master Beekeeping Program (MBP) is looking for experienced beekeepers to serve as mentors and instructors to program participants that are relatively new to beekeeping. These experienced individuals will be compensated in one of two ways: either with volunteer hours towards certification or with compensation as a paid independent contractor to the University of Missouri*. Contractors receive a set wage plus mileage for each mentoring session or class taught at an MU apiary.

University of Missouri Extension currently offers the program in seven locations:

  • Fisher Delta Research Center
    147 W. State Highway T, Portageville, MO 63873
    Phone: 573-379-5431
  • MU Extension Center in Greene County
    2400 S. Scenic Ave., Springfield, MO 65807
    Phone: 417-881-8909
  • MU Extension Center in Reynolds County
    2319 Green St., Centerville, MO 63633
    Phone: 573-648-1035
  • Jefferson Farm and Garden
    4800 E. New Haven Road, Columbia, MO 65201
    Phone: 573-239-6134
  • MU Extension in Marion County
    100 S. Main St, STE 201
    Palmyra, MO 63461-1658
    Phone: 573-769-2177
  • Howell County Extension office,
    1376 Bill Virdon Blvd.
    West Plains, MO 65775
    Phone: 417-256-2391
  • MU Extension in Hickory County
    203 Cedar Street
    Hermitage, MO 65668
    Phone: 417-745-6767

So if you are interested in obtaining your certification, want to earn a little cash, or just want to gain teaching experience, please contact the MBP director, Moneen Jones (, 573-379-5431), to discuss your opportunities as an instructor.

*An individual cannot concurrently be a paid consultant and a participant in the certification program.