Pilot program

Due to personnel changes, we are reevaluating how this pilot program will be administered in the future. Please check back for updates.

FAQ for Persons Interested in Taking Master Beekeeping Courses

What is the MMBP?

Missouri Master Beekeeping program was developed and designed to follow the criteria of other University Master beekeeping programs, such as those available at Florida, Georgia, Montana, Texas, and Nebraska with added benefits of mentoring and classes taught at multiple Extension centers throughout Missouri.

What are the requirements to the program?

The program requirements are detailed in MU Extension publication M300, Missouri Master Beekeeper Program Requirements Manual (PDF)

Do you have a Facebook page for open questions?

Yes, you can search for Missouri Master Beekeeping Certification Program on Facebook and ask to join the closed group. Instructors, Board members, and Extension Center personnel are available to answer questions.

Who is teaching this program? What are their credentials? What are their qualifications?

Classes are taught by experienced beekeepers. Teachers have more than 7 years of experience keeping bees, and they have documented experience in teaching and mentoring.

What is required to teach this program?

A beekeeper with 7 years of experience can teach courses as well as those individuals with 4 years of experience who have gone through the certification program to reach the level of Master Trainer Beekeeper.

How do I obtain the credentials to teach this program?

If you have documentation you can provide that demonstrates how many years you have been keeping bees, that would work. However, different ‘majors’ need different credentials. For example, you cannot teach queen rearing even if you have 7 years of experience if you have not specialized in queen rearing in the past.

Who oversees this program?

University of Missouri Extension and the Board members of the MMBP

What do I get out of being a Master Beekeeper?

What do you get out of it? Simple: education at a college level for a fraction of the cost. Same material taught at the other Master beekeeping programs around the country except that we parsed it into multiple years without a 3 year requirement to start the program.

Where and When are these programs in my area?

If you check the website, it will list dates and locations of the classes. More locations are added monthly. So, keep checking back!

What is the cost of the program?

Cost for the first class is $61, which includes the book you need to study for the exam. Cost for the first exam is $50. The costs increase as the intensity of the material increases.

How is this program relevant to Missouri beekeepers?

All beekeepers in the state of Missouri will benefit from this program with mentoring and instruction from experienced beekeepers.

Who developed this program?

Personnel from the University of Missouri Extension developed the program with insight and review by experienced beekeepers

What's the Curriculum and coursework like?

We teach you MOST of the material necessary to pass the examinations. However, there are still questions that will be answered with experience and outside reading. We do not expect you to learn everything in 3 days as the University of Georgia training program does, and we do not offer training and examinations on the same day as The University of Florida Master Beekeeping program does. These programs expect you to learn everything yourselves for these examinations and only touch on review the day of the examinations. We partition the examination questions for each level rather than give you a large, comprehensive examination to better prepare you for the program.

Because we are a University, we have access to shared course material between Universities that is extension related. So, course work (i.e. Delaplane’s lecture notes) and examination material (Florida and Texas) are very similar to our Missouri program.

How do I get in contact with a Master Beekeeper?

We currently do not have a list of these for Missouri as individuals would have taken the courses out of state.

What does a Master Beekeeper do?

See above

Can a Master Beekeeper help me choose which plants to plant?

The book materials will help you with that information

Who can I call if I have a suspected disease?

We will be instructing these individuals who will major in honeybee diseases.

What can I do about Varroa?

The book and class instructions will answer this question.

Does the dust off of soybean harvest kill honeybees?

The book and class instructions will answer this question.

Do Master Beekeepers do hive inspections? Etc.

 It would be a personal decision whether or not a particular Master Beekeeper wants to do hive inspections. There are no requirements that they do so.