HES resources

Emergency Preparedness (PDF)

Recent events like the earthquake in Haiti and the tornadoes last spring in the Kirksville area bring to the forefront the need to prepare. (Yes, severe storm season in Missouri is fast approaching.) Yet even if we believe it’s a good idea — many of us delay, may start and stop, or may believe there is no point. Research has shown that preparedness usually results in better outcomes including a more rapid recovery.

Mulitple Intelligences: Seven Ways to Be Smart (PDF)

Did you ever think about what intelligence is? Did you know that there are seven different ways we can consider ourselves and our children to be smart?

Happy Holidays (PDF)

Many of us are hustling and bustling around at this time of year. We may be shopping or going to parties and other seasonal events/programs. Maybe we’re sending cards, making gifts, or baking. Perhaps we’re planning and/or seeing family and friends during this busy time. Yet for some of us a significant change in our life this past year may be preventing us from having that "magically, wonderful, perfect" Christmas. A Christmas the media entices us to believe we must attain. However, some of us may not feel that way.

Talking with Children When the Talking Gets Tough (PDF)

Wars, shootings in schools, natural disasters, deaths at sporting events — as adults we hope that these and other tragic outcomes will never happen anywhere and definitely will not impact the children and youth we care about. We would like to protect those young minds from the pain and horror of difficult situations. So what is a parent, teacher or other caring adult to do when disasters fill the airwaves and the consciousness of society?


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