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Sherry Nelson, Human Development Specialist
Infant through older adult development, including physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Have you ever wondered how you and your kids got that way? We all grow and change physically, emotionally, socially and in the way we think. Kids aren't like adults, and if we understand how our kids grow and mature is a critical piece of Caring for Our Kids. As they continue to grow older we start having concerns how our Teens and Tweens will make good choices regarding drugs and sex. We want them to be safe from bullying.

Tweens and Teens — Underage drinking and other drug abuse; bullying.

Live Like Your Life Depends on It or Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (6 sessions)

Arthritis or Fibromyalgia Self-Help (6 sessions)

Matter of Balance (Fall Prevention Program — 8 sessions)

Parenting: Caring For Our Kids — (4 sessions) 1) Unintentional injuries and abuse/neglect, 2) Guidance and discipline, 3) Communication and conflict, 4) Managing stress

Focus on Kids — (Divorce education)

Building Strong Families — Classes includes workshops on 13 different topics. See more information on Building Strong Families. Modules can be taught separately:

  • Family Strengths
  • Managing Stress
  • Working
  • Money Matters
  • Consumer Beware
  • Communicating
  • Child Self-Care
  • Go For It!
  • Healthy Home
  • Food and Fitness
  • Positive Discipline
  • Balancing Responsibilities
  • Kids and Self-Esteem

Tackling the Tough Skills Tackling the Tough Skills™ is a fun, innovative and highly interactive life skills curriculum that helps hard-to-reach adults or teens prepare for success in work and life. Areas covered include attitude, responsibility, problem solving, communication and preparing for the work place.

Disaster Preparedness Disaster Preparation for Early Childhood Educators, Disaster Preparedness for Faith-based Communities, Disaster Preparedness for Businesses, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and Disaster First Aid, and General Disaster Preparedness.

Behavioral Health — General education on behavioral health including bi-polar, substance abuse, eating disorders, ADHD, ADD, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and related disorders, sleep disorders, personality disorders, autism, developmental disorders, i.e. special needs and/or disabilities. Critical Issues for the Unexpected Helper, a program for people who work with the public in stressful situations, as well as stress reduction and avoiding burnout.


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