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Have you ever wondered how you or your kids got to be that way? We all grow and change physically, emotionally, socially and in the way we think. Kids aren’t little adults, and if we understand that growing up process — human development — we can parent more effectively. Understanding how our kids grow and mature is a critical piece of Caring for Our Kids. As they continue to grow older we start having concerns about how our Tweens and Teens will make good choices regarding drugs and alcohol. We want them to be safe from bullying. There are many actions we can take in Building Strong Families.

photo: Sherry Nelson








Sherry Nelson, human development specialist

Not only are our children growing older but so are we and our parents. Aging can bring up concerns about Managing Chronic Illnesses or Successful Aging. Perhaps we concerned about our Matter of Balance (preventing falls) for our parents or ourselves. However, that balance may be more concerned with the Challenges and Choices we have and make in our everyday life dealing with time constraints, care-giving, stress and health.

Sometimes our challenges in life can come unexpectedly. That job we loved has perhaps become more stressful and we are working on Stress Reduction and Avoiding Burnout. Perhaps our community or home has been impacted by a disaster or had a near miss. We can learn how to be Prepared for Disaster as a community, organization, business, family or individual. Additionally there are often many Critical Issues for Unexpected Helpers when our families, neighbors and friends face challenges such as tough economic times or family farm crises.

Finally a challenge may come in the form of Behavioral Health issue(s) for ourselves, a child, another family member, a co-worker or a friend. Gaining understanding about autism, substance abuse, bi-polar, depression, ADHD, developmental disabilities and other behavioral health issues can be a beginning to leading a more balanced life.


Classes and workshops on the subjects introduced above are offered regularly throughout the area. Contact the Marion County Extension Center for the most current information. See more information on local HES programs.