Procedures and best practices

Sportsmanship for Spectators

Written by Ohio State, this brochure gives good ideas for appropriate sportsmanship for people in the stands — whether at the Fair or at the ballgame. No matter how old you are, you are a role model! Sportsmanship for Spectators (PDF)

The Missouri 4-H Meeting Method: A new look at parliamentary procedure for 4-H clubs

Do you think Roberts Rules of Order is the only game in town? Think again. Missouri 4-H Meeting Method (PDF)

It's important to say thank you!

Sometimes thank you letters or notes aren't written because it's hard to know where to start. It's Important to Say "Thank You" (PDF)

Exhibit resources

Judging class score computation spreadsheet utility

Need to score a judging class and want to use your computer? This Judging Class Score Computation Spreadsheet may help, using the "Hormel style" scoring protocol.

Wisconsin 4-H suggested county fair classes

Wisconsin Exhibits (PDF) Curriculum outlines for suggested classes in aerospace, child development, electricity, entomology, flowers, health, house plants, theater arts, woodworking and vegetable gardening

Food safety recommendations for fair exhibits

Food Safety Recommendations for Acceptable Fair Exhibits (PDF)

Project ideas

Demonstrations and illustrated talks

A Few Ideas for Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks (PDF)Lots of great ideas in nearly 40 project areas

Computer projects

Ideas for 4-H Computer Projects (PDF)Ideas for leaders for project activities, fair exhibits, judging classes and more

Project idea starters from Ohio 4-H

Self-Determined Project Ideas and Self-Starters (PDF) Some great new, innovative 4-H project ideas for astronomy, geology, clowning, model railroading, weather, and with more being added all the time.

Club Resources


Fall Recognition day comes at the end of the 4-H year. When all of the summer festivities are coming to a close and we take a look back at all that was accomplished. In preparation for this event the youth are encourages to share their stories through Recognition Forms. There are varying levels of Recognition forms for the different age groups within 4-H. 

4-H Project Record (PDF)

Missouri Recognition Forms & Resources: Level 1-3


  - Minimum Age To Apply Is 14 4-H Age 

4-H Shooting Sports Project Record (PDF)