Working for Missourians

KBIA contributed an estimated net value of $5 million to the University in FY 2009, based on a public radio worth-analysis tool and data from member contributions, grant funding and revenue generated through station listeners.

KBIA and University Concert Series

Source: MU Extension Annual Report, FY 2009

The University of Missouri Concert Series and KBIA-FM, MU’s National Public Radio affiliate, inform, engage and entertain audiences and listeners in Columbia and the surrounding region. The concert series attracts and educates patrons of the arts through scheduled live performances and year-round outreach activities, and KBIA creates and delivers programming that nurtures curiosity, dialogue, knowledge sharing, diverse opinions and lifelong learning within its listener audience.

Concert series artists are selected for the high caliber of artistry, creativity and diversity they can bring to mid-Missouri. Performers often combine traditional artistic activities with the inspiration of new and imaginative endeavors that make for world-class cultural events. During FY 2009, the series adopted new methods of scheduling performances, and options that provide better customer service through ticket exchanges. The addition of matinees encouraged audience attendance as well.

University Concert Series Electrical engineer Marion Hayes III founded his business, BRK Electrical Contractors, in 2003 in St. Louis.

In FY 2009, KBIA reached more than 300,000 listeners across the 19 mid-Missouri counties it serves, as well as listeners across the globe with 72 hours of digitally streamed daily programming via KBIA-FM, KBIA2 and KBIA3. Funding from the federal Public Telecommunication Facility Program made it possible for KBIA to begin building a new repeater station in Mexico, Mo., that will expand Audrain County coverage by October 2010.

KBIA continues to be an early adapter of other multi-platform media technology, including podcasting and video-on-demand, or “vodcasting,” as well as Twitter® and Facebook® posts. KBIA staff members produced a webcast audio feed of 2008 presidential election coverage in cooperation with the School of Journalism’s Reynolds Journalism Institute.

KBIA’s news department is an award-winning team that in FY 2009 received:

  • Five regional Edward R. Murrow awards, including two by student reporters;
  • One national award (and swept all nine regional audio awards) in the Society of Professional Journalists’ competition;
  • Two Public Radio News Director awards in student competition;
  • One Missouri Broadcasters Association award and a certificate of merit.

Some of the many other highlights from the year included spearheading the Economy Project, a collaborative audio- and Web-based project with NPR stations throughout Missouri, and increasing annual donations more than 30 percent.

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