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During FY 2009, the office collaborated to deliver conferences that generated $4.3 million in gross revenue.

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Source: MU Extension Annual Report, FY 2009

When internationally known billionaire, philanthropist and petroleum industry visionary T. Boone Pickens comes around to give advice, people take notice. At the first-ever Missouri Energy Summit, held in April, that meant more than 1,600 business entrepreneurs, researchers and venture capitalists, as well as federal and state agency representatives, gathered in Columbia to discuss current and future development efforts in energy, alternative fuel sources, power, storage, infrastructure and enabling technologies.

The summit was one of more than 73 conferences, meetings, special events and workshops that the MU Conference Office delivered to 23,468 participants across Missouri, in surrounding states and around the world throughout FY 2009.

MU Conference OfficeMU Conference Office More than 1,600 people attended the UM System-sponsored Energy Summit in April. The MU Conference Office organized the two-day event, which brought together business, research and government interests to discuss research in energy management, development and consumption. T. Boone Pickens, left, addressed the conference on the MU campus. Conference attendees had a close-up view of solar panels outside Jesse Hall, right.

For more than 45 years, the office has served as a full-service planning and management center for educational experiences that help fulfill the University’s charge as a land-grant institution to disseminate information to Missourians. The office also provides expertise and service for noncredit programs, including on-campus events that draw high school — and prospective Mizzou — students and other visitors to Columbia.

The office’s diverse clientele includes state and federal agencies, private industry, not-for-profits, faith-based groups, and youth and athletic associations, as well as University academic and administrative departments. They benefit from a comprehensive array of services, from starting the list of possible registrants to finishing the fiscal reconciliation. During FY 2009, the office collaborated with the University of Missouri System, three of its campuses and eight MU colleges and schools, 14 administrative units, seven federal and state agencies, and 18 associations and other groups to deliver 73 conferences that generated $4.3 million in gross revenue.

Summary of programs delivered — FY 2009

MU division or program Number of activities Attendance total Individual hours instruction Student FTE*
Arts and Science 1 9 10 0.3
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources 15 3,678 298 142.9
Education 1 340 16 18.1
Engineering 3 263 89 14.9
4-H Youth Development 3 577 81 32.9
Fire and Rescue Training Institute 2 2,048 52 141.3
Journalism 9 2,917 122 201.6
Medicine 3 1,114 66 72.4
MU Administration 1 32 40 4.3
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 4 723 109 79.8
UM System 3 1,607 28 47.0
Veterinary Medicine 6 1,012 58 41.6
Vice Provost’s Office 6 718 87 40.7
Conference Office-hosted 16 8,430 350 589.6
Conference Office totals 73 23,468 1,406 1,427.4
* Student FTE = Student Full-time Equivalent

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