AgrAbility program helps horse trainer begin ride of his life

Zane Volkmann always wanted to be a horse trainer. A serious accident weeks before his senior year of high school slowed his gait, but it didn’t throw him. Watch the video. Read more

How much rent should I get for my farm?

University of Missouri Extension's upcoming Farm Lease Program helps landowners and renters make decisions about renting farm ground. Read more

Grasshopper numbers growing in Missouri

Farmers should scout and, if needed, spray for grasshoppers. Read more

Scout for striped blister beetles

Toxins are deadly to horses. Read more

New weather station in Lawrence County

Missouri's newest of 21 automated real-time weather stations recently went online at the Southwest Research Center, near Mount Vernon in Lawrence County. Read more

Genomics enhance beef cattle breeding

Selecting breeding animals on how they look, by phenotype, worked for centuries. Progress in improving cattle was made just on appearance. Read more

Tool helps farmers decide on pasture insurance

Is pasture insurance right for your farm? The answer could be yes, no or maybe. Read more

Lower production leads to high hog prices

Prices reached $127 per hundredweight in late March, shattering the old record of $105 set in August 2011. Read more

Black walnut curculio leads to nut loss

Trees infested with black walnut curculio can lose anywhere from a third to half of their nuts. Read more

True armyworms appear in SW Missouri

Armyworms that can strip pastures and hayfields have begun their march through Missouri's tall fescue fields. Read more

Herbicide carryover

There are two primary factors that influence the likelihood of fomesafen carryover injury to corn; 1) dry conditions following application, and 2) the rate and timing of the herbicide application. Read more

Black cutworm appears in northeastern Missouri

These moths will lay eggs that might result in high numbers of black cutworm larvae that can cut stems of corn, soybean, wheat, turfgrasses and other plants. Read more

Extension guide on forage irrigation systems available

It is a very simple guide for people to look at the big issues. Read more

Drone on the range

Agricultural uses for drones endless. Read more



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