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Message from the Vice Provost

Picture of Michael D. Ouart, vice provost and director, in his office

Michael D. Ouart, vice provost and director

Last year, Missourians faced a struggling economy and natural disasters such as extreme heat, drought, flooding and tornadoes. Local governments were stretched with reduced tax revenues. And families were stressed by financial hardships.

Yet through it all, Missourians continue to be strong and resilient. University of Missouri Extension is there - helping citizens in every county. Every day, MU Extension specialists help create jobs through business counseling and agribusiness development; strengthen families through personal finance and health programs; encourage youth through entrepreneurship and science-based projects; add value to communities through visionary planning and leadership development; and improve people's quality of life with lifelong learning.

I am proud to report that in FY 2012, MU Extension faculty recorded 2,183,818 contacts with customers. Our continuing education programs had 78,361 attendees. Thousands of additional contacts took place through our comprehensive website:

As Extension moves into its 100th year of helping to improve people's lives, we continue to build a strong future for Missourians with innovative solutions for better living.

  • A realigned organizational structure that better reflects Missouri in the 21st century will help address changes in the economic development needs of Missouri, population demographics, societal changes and funding constraints.
  • As part of a revitalized strategic plan, One MU Extension promotes a culture of programs and services collaborating, while valuing their unique strengths.
  • We are beginning a visionary new approach to programming, which will better position MU Extension for the future. By integrating programs, MU Extension can coordinate the efforts and resources of various programs in a more effective interdisciplinary response to issues and needs of Missourians.

This year's annual report highlights MU Extension's former Central Region. I invite you to read the light gold-shaded text boxes scattered throughout and see how MU Extension is hard at work in this region.

MU Extension, with a presence in every county, connects Missourians to the university's research and resources. Extension puts us on the ground and in a position where we can be a broker of educational information, of services and of building partnerships. That's what we do best.

Thank you for your support of MU Extension. We look forward to our continuing relationship with you and our partners across the state.

Michael D. Ouart signature

Michael D. Ouart