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MU Extension Statistical Data: Educational Contacts — Cooperative Extension

Educational Contacts* — Cooperative Extension
FY 2012

Program AreaDirect Contact TotalIndirect Contact TotalTotal Contacts
This chart includes both direct and indirect educational contacts. Direct contact occurs when participants are actively engaged in a learning process, whether in a group or individual setting, that promotes awareness and understanding of research-based knowledge and adoption of research-based practices. Indirect contact occurs when the distribution of information and resources does not meet the above definition of direct contact. This can include public events and dissemination of printed materials that deliver educational content.
*Educational contacts were calculated with new methodology that was used in previous reports.
Agriculture and Natural Resources106,573164,324270,897
Human Environmental Sciences1,151,028233,1221,384,150
Business Development38,82638739,213
Community Development44,700143,183187,883
4-H Youth Development134,487167,188301,675

MU Extension in the Central Region

Columbia Imagined: The plan for how we live and grow is an aggressive public engagement process for the City of Columbia. More than 1,500 residents have participated in community forums, surveys and social media to provide their perspectives on defining the community. Participants mapped the issues affecting future growth and development and generated more than 360 goals as the community considers future development options. MU Extension's Community Development program is helping to facilitate this process.