Business and careers


Business and careers
Logboat Brewing Co. LLC in Columbia brewing a success

Every beer lover knows it takes a combination of hops, barley, malt and water mashed together and cooked to make beer. But there's much more to brewing than that. Read more

Business Development Program releases economic impact results

Program delivers $666 million in sales increases, $662 million in new investment for Missouri's small businesses over three years. Read more

Planning for the new year: Five budgeting tips for small businesses

One of the most important things you can do is set a company's budget. Here are five ways to do that. Read more

Seven ways mobile technology will change business in 2014

2013 was a monumental year in e-retail, with 2014 promising to be more so. Read more

The Affordable Care Act: what businesses need to know

The Affordable Care Act  (ACA), or health care law, contains new benefits and responsibilities for employers. Here’s a summary of information, plus updates and links to webinars. Read more

Seven reasons to shop local

Shopping locally isn't just good for your business, it's good for the community. Read more

Top five reasons to go paperless

Help the environment, while saving money, time and becoming more efficient by reducing paper clutter. Read more

Slaying the energy vampires

Energy vampires — electronics and appliances that suck energy even when turned off — collectively cost the U.S. an estimated more than $10 billion dollars annually. Follow these five easy steps to slay energy vampires in your business and start saving. Read more

Eleven organizations that boost veterans' businesses

Funding and technical assistance abound for veteran-owned businesses. Here are just 11. Read more

MO PTAC success story: Phoenix Textile Corporation — O'Fallon

How did a small healthcare textiles firm make it to the big time? Government contracting. Read more

Thwarting abandoned online shopping cart syndrome

Understanding why shoppers leave their carts can help you minimize the occurrence on your site and in some cases, gain insight into their shopping habits and preferences. Read more

Time-saving tools for small businesses

The Internet: the world's greatest timesaver? Or time waster? Make the Internet an ally with these time-saving tools.Read more

Nine worst (and seven good) business ideas

Which are the boom and which the bust industries in this economy? Some bad ideas and several good ones.Read more


Each newsletter focuses on one of the various programs and services available to help Missouri businesses transform and grow. Read more

Give your business the wow factor

It's no longer enough to offer a quality product or service. You need to surprise and delight customers, not simply satisfy them. By creating these benefits, you'll create a memorable buying experience and strengthen your competitive advantage. Here are five wow factor tip to boost customer loyalty. Read more


MU Extension's Business Development Program exists to help Missouri’s entrepreneurs succeed in private enterprise and to promote Missouri's economic development. It performs this vital service through a network of business counselors located throughout the state. Read more



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