Families and relationships


Families and relationships
Respecting privacy and maintaining trust when monitoring teens

As children become teenagers, parents may wonder what happened to the children who once shared information freely. Some parents may also be concerned when teens want to spend more time away from family. Read more

MU Extension offers program to deal with stress

Life's many choices and obligations can take their toll on body, mind and spirit. Read more

Report provides county-by-county data on senior population

As baby boomers age, older Americans will make up a growing proportion of Missouri's population. Read more

Exercise your relationship for a longer life

How long will you live? No one knows, but research suggests that happiness at home for the 50-plus set is the biggest predictor of longevity. Read more

Test your divorce knowledge

Divorcing spouses can make better decisions for their individual futures if they have reasonable expectations of the divorce process. Read more

Helping children during a time of crisis

What adults say and do can help distance children from the sense of threat, help them work through their emotions, and maintain or regain a sense of normalcy. Read more

Teens and technology: Sexting

Sexting — text messages or images sent with cell phones and computers — is an alarming trend among teenagers. Read more

Dating, remarriage and children

About half of all American children will experience a parent's remarriage before they reach age 18. Read more

Adult children and aging parents

Members of the baby boomer generation are starting to retire, but that doesn't mean they are entering a carefree phase of life. Their kids may be all grown up, but boomers who still have a living parent are facing new responsibilities. Read more



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