Nutrition and health


Nutrition and health
Eat a rainbow of food to get the best vitamins

Vegetable gardens, farmers markets and seasonal offerings from the local grocer provide nutrients for good health. Choose from a wide spectrum of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Read more

High blood pressure: You could have it and not know

For some people, the first sign that they have high blood pressure is a heart attack or stroke. Read more

Well owners need to regularly test water

If you use well water for cooking and drinking, you should regularly test the water for contamination. Read more

Preserving herbs

Using herbs instead of salt can help us achieve the lower sodium recommendations. Read more

Food from farmers markets as safe as from a grocery store

Shopping at Farmers Markets is a great way to meet and support local farmers, buy healthy produce and other tasty foods. Read more

Tips for safe grilling

Barbequing outside can be a great way to prepare a healthy meal while keeping the heat out of the kitchen. Read more

Understanding probiotics

When it comes to probiotics what do consumers need to know about them in order to make an informed purchasing decision? Read more

Rural community emerges from food desert with new grocery store

When is a grocery store more than just a grocery store? When it's the first grocery store in town in more than five years. Watch the video. Read more

Peanuts offer health benefits

Despite the fact that peanuts are high in fat, they are still an excellent food choice because they provide a variety of important nutrients. Read more



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