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Home and consumer life
MU meat study looks at how value cuts affect ground chuck

Removing value-added cuts of beef from the chuck increases profits for producers while offering consumers lower-cost, high-quality steaks. The meat that is left over is usually sold as ground chuck. Read more

Older family members and finances

How could you tell your parents how to live and spend their money? Read more

Stuff, stuff and more stuff

Most of us have it; tools, toys, knick knacks, collections, clothes, files, school papers, tech gadgets, appliances, etc. Read more

No income? Three reasons you should still file a tax return

If your income is low enough that you do not need to file, then it is extremely unlikely that the IRS would later request that you pay tax. However, by filing a simple tax return, the statute of limitations starts to run out, and the unlikely chance becomes a zero percent chance. Read more

Saving and spending: two sides of the same coin

Saving money is easier said than done. You have every intention to set aside money each month, but somehow life gets in the way. Listen to the audio. Read more

Scheming scam artists gear up during tax season

This is the time of year you should remember the old adage, "If it's too good to be true, it is." Read more

Be road ready for car shopping with tax refund

A tax refund can rev up your budget for a different set of wheels. But go slowly and drive the best bargain possible when car shopping. Watch the video. Read more

VITA program offers free tax services

VITA is an IRS-sponsored program that provides free tax preparation assistance for low-income earners.Watch the video. Read more

Plan now for upcoming tax season

Get a manila folder or large envelope and leave it where you open your mail. Put 1099, W-2 and any other tax forms in it as they arrive. Read more

Make 2014 the year of frugal spending

Frugality doesn't mean that you are deprived. It means that you take control and learn to prioritize spending. Read more

What do I really need to know about the Affordable Care Act?

If you watch TV news programs, read newspapers/magazines, are on Facebook, or talk to friends and family that are even slightly interested in politics, then chances are you've been hearing about the Affordable Care Act. Read more

Tips to protect yourself in a mall shooting

Run, hide or fight. Read more

COOL controversy still simmering

Country of Origin Labeling for meat products was written into the 2002 Farm Bill. Almost a dozen years later, however, the saga continues. Read more

Test your smoke alarms — It could save your life

Each year more than 4,000 Americans lose their life to fire and approximately 25,000 are injured. Read more

Consumer scammers exploit Affordable Care Act sign-up

There's an arms race between consumers and the people who try to rip them off. The new battlefield is the Affordable Care Act. Banking on fear, uncertainty and doubt, scammers are working to separate you from your money, identity and health-care information. Listen to the audio. Read more

Tools to choose the right solar-energy system

Before investing in a solar-power system, look at the energy efficiency of your home. Read more

Squeezed by rising food prices?

Small changes in your shopping and food consumption habits can mean saving big money at the grocery store. Read more

Increase in fraud with older adults

The older adults saw untrustworthy faces more honestly and more approachable than the younger adults did. Read more

Getting started saving

Do you plan on saving a little bit from each paycheck but somehow at the end of the month you find there is nothing left over to save? Read more



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