Natural resources


Natural resources
Rare fish, found only in Perry County, reveals improved water quality

The small, endangered fish lives only in Perry County caves. MDC biologists recently found 11 egg nests in seven of the county’s 15 major caves. MDC has researched grotto sculpin for more than a decade. Read more

Monitoring and management of the brown marmorated stink bug

The invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is currently distributed in 43 US states and 4 Canadian provinces. It is a severe agricultural pest in nine states and a nuisance problem in 21 others. Read more

Palmer amaranth invades about 5 more Missouri counties each year

Its cousin waterhemp remains top weed in state, but likely not for long. Read more

More to mushrooms than morels

There are portobello, shiitake and white button mushrooms that are easy to obtain in most grocery stores, but also oyster mushrooms, chanterelle, blewit, lion's mane, wine cap and many more varieties. Read more

Be on the lookout for eastern tent caterpillar

Producers should check their wooden fences and watering tanks for eastern tent caterpillars. Read more

Paddlefish snagging at Lake of the Ozarks

These fish aren't biting. Paddlefish never do. They eat by filtering plankton as water passes through their gills. Watch the video. Read more

What is agroforestry?

Forests and farms may seem like two completely different things, but agroforestry puts them together. Listen to the audio. Read more

High-grading brings down health, value of woodland

Unsuspecting woodland owners selling timber often fall victim to a practice known as "high-grading" — cutting the best trees and leaving the rest. Read more



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