Emergency management: Tornado and storm recovery
Tornado recovery resources

Tornado recovery resources are available for Branson, Joplin, Sedalia and St. Louis. Para los recursos de recuperación de desastres, busque en la pestaña de publicaciones. Bob Foos photo

Clean-up safety advisory

Joplin residents affected by the tornado and those of you who might be going to Joplin as part of a cleanup crew, look for red, yellow or green notices on buildings. A team of engineers and architects organized by SEMA inspected buildings in the disaster area for structural safety. Collapsed buildings are assumed to have a red notice even if you do not see a notice on the building.

If you see a red notice, it is unsafe to be in the structure. Restrict your cleanup to outside the building and wear protective gear (hard hats, steel-toed workboots, respirators, work gloves). Many of the red notice buildings can collapse or become more dangerous during wind or cleanup operations. A yellow notice means the building has an unsafe portion. Please read the sign for more information. A green notice building is safe.

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Para los recursos de recuperación de desastres, busque en la pestaña de publicaciones.

Disaster assistance numbers

This contact list has been created for Joplin area residents. The SW Missouri Disaster Response and Recovery Contacts includes contact information for disaster assistance, volunteers and donations. Read more

Financial recovery and risk management

Don't be a victim twice. MU Extension's EMW1022, Financial Recovery and Risk Management contains expert advice on dealing with insurance companies and contractors when recovering from a disaster. Read more

How to replace vital documents

After a disaster, you may have to replace social security cards, adoption records, birth certificates and other documents. Read more

How to file a disaster claim

People affected by a natural disaster should file a claim with FEMA as soon as possible. How to Make A Claim to FEMA explains the process.

Temporary roof repairs

Avoid further damage to buildings by making temporary roof repairs. The How-to-Install Self-Help Tarp (PDF), from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, explains the correct way to make those repairs.

Getting back to business

The Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Centers are available to help businesses affected by tornadoes reopen the doors. See the disaster resource guide for Missouri businesses.

About the Community Emergency Management Program

CEMP provides education and technical assistance to individual and families, local governments, businesses, schools and organizations in preparing and responding to natural and man-made disasters. Read more



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