AgrAbility program from MU helps farmers after injury

Chris Allen wanted out of the bed. He argued with hospital staff that he needed to go home to harvest crops, feed cattle and cut firewood to heat his farmhouse. Read more

Burcucumber, an agronomic pest on the increase

Currently, burcucumber can be found from the east coast to as far as west as Minnesota, Kansas, and Texas, and is becoming an increasing problem in agronomic crops. Read more

Corn storage challenges farmers this year

Farmers might be storing this year's bumper corn crop in unconventional ways while they wait for prices to rise. Read more

Different distillers grains may change feed rations

Ethanol plants are getting more efficient at extracting fuel from corn, and that can affect the quality of distillers grains, a byproduct of ethanol production often used as an economical feed alternative for hogs and poultry. Read more

Ergonomics among topics at Nov. 7 and 8 women in ag program

Women in agriculture will learn how to improve farm finances, raise livestock herd numbers and quality, and take better care of themselves. Read more

Power take-off devices can rip safety out of a farm

In the time it takes a person with average reaction time to hit the off button, a 540 rpm PTO can wrap the operator around the shaft. Read more

Bumper crop exceeds storage

Extension offers farmers help and options to store and dry 2014's bumper corn crop. Read more

Patience saves lives during harvest

The slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem, a reflective orange triangle bordered with red, is the cheapest safety device in the farm store. Read more

Storage problems likely with bumper corn crop

Farmers should look for storage options for 2014's bumper harvest. Read more

How much rent should I get for my farm?

University of Missouri Extension's upcoming Farm Lease Program helps landowners and renters make decisions about renting farm ground. Read more

Genomics enhance beef cattle breeding

Selecting breeding animals on how they look, by phenotype, worked for centuries. Progress in improving cattle was made just on appearance. Read more

Tool helps farmers decide on pasture insurance

Is pasture insurance right for your farm? The answer could be yes, no or maybe. Read more

Lower production leads to high hog prices

Prices reached $127 per hundredweight in late March, shattering the old record of $105 set in August 2011. Read more



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