Distinguished Service / Achievement Awards

MAEP is the Missouri affiliate of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) that represents extension professionals across the country.  Each year NACAA sponsors an Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Meeting and presents national awards for programming excellence among its members.

The NACAA Distinguisted Service Award (DSA) is for extension agents with more than 10 years of experience.

The Achievement Award (AA) is for agents with less than 10 years in extension.

2019 Recipients:

     DSA - Karisha Devlin, Ag Business Field Specialist - Edina, MO

      AA -  Kate Kammler - Horticulture Field Specialist - St. Genevieve, MO

2018 Recipients:

      DSA - Brent Carpenter-  Regional Ag Business Specialist - Sedalia, MO

         AA - Valerie Tate- Regional Agronomy Specialist - Linneus, MO

2017 Recipients:

      DSA - Todd Lorenz-  Regional Agronomy Specialist - Boonville, MO

         AA - Travis Harper- Regional Agronomy Specialist - Clinton, MO

2016 Recipients:

      DSA - Jim Crawford-  Regional Natural Resource Engineer Specialist - Rock Port, MO

         AA - Sarah Denkler- Regional Horticulture Specialist - Poplar Bluff, MO

2015 Recipients:

      DSA - Wayne Flanary- Regional Agronomy Specialist - Oregon, MO

         AA - Joni Harper- Regional Agronomy Specialist - Versailles, MO

2014 Recipients:

      DSA - Matthew Herring- Regional Agronomy Specialist - Union, MO

         AA - Patrick Byers - Regional Horticulture Specialist - Springfield, MO

2013 Recipients:

      DSA - Kent Shannon - Regional Natural Resource Engineer Specialist - Columbia, MO

         AA - Randa Doty - Regional Ag Business Specialist - Maryville, MO

2012 Recipients:

       DSA - Thomas R. Fowler - Regional Horticulture Specialist - St. Joseph, MO

         AA -   James Quinn - Regional Horticulture Specialist - Jefferson City, MO

2011 Recipients:

       DSA - Ted Probert - Regional Dairy Specialist - Hartville, MO

         AA -   Jim Humphrey - Regional Extension Livestock - Savannah, MO

2010 Recipients:

       DSA - Wayne Prewitt - Regional Ag Business Specialist - Nevada, MO

         AA -   Jennifer Schutter - Regional Extension Horticulture Specialist - Kirksville, MO

2009 Recipients:

       DSA - Dan Downing - State Water Quality Specialist - Columbia, MO

         AA -   Amie Schleicher - Regional Extension Livestock - Rock Port, MO

2008 Recipients:

       DSA - Roger Eakins - Regional Extension Livestock Specialist - Jackson, MO

         AA -   Karisha Devlin - Regional Extension Ag Business Specialist - Edina, MO

2007 Recipients:

       DSA - Randy Saner - Regional Extension Livestock Specialist - West Plains, MO

       DSA - Bob Broz - State Extension Water Quality Program Director - Columbia, MO

        AA -    Marcia Shannon - State Extension Swine Nutrition Specialist - Columbia, MO                               


      ** This is the year we skipped to start matching with NACAA.  The State Award is given after the National, since attending the NACAA meeting is required.

Recipients prior to 2006

    Distinguished Service Award past recipients (PDF)

    Achievement Award past recipients (PDF)