State Committee Chairpersons for 2015-2016

Professional improvement committees

Natural Resources/Aquaculture: Dan Downing
Agronomy and Pest Management: Max Glover
Ag. Economics and Community Development: Mark Jenner
Animal Science: Amie Schleicher
Sustainable Agriculture: Patrick Byers
Horticulture and Turfgrass: Sarah Denkler

Extension development committees

Public Relations and Agriculture Issues:
Early Career Development: James Humphrey
Administrative Skills Development: Eldon Cole
Teaching & Educational Technologies: Kent Shannon

Program recognition committees

Communications: Darla Campbell
Search for Excellence: Travis Harper
4-H and youth: Ted Probert
Professional Excellence: Joe Koenen
Public Relations: Karisha Devlin
Recognition and Awards: Tim Schnakenberg; Co-Chair: Gene Schmitz
Scholarship: Randa Doty

Regional Representatives: (2 year terms beginning after the annual meeting; i.e. 15-17 means after the 2015 annual meeting and ending at the 2017 annual meeting)

Lincoln University: Charlotte Clifford-Rathert (14-16)
East Central: Charles Ellis (14-16)
Northeast: Joe Koenen (15-17)
Northwest: Tom Fowler (14-16)
Urban: Lala Kumar (15-17)
Southeast: Donna Aufdenberg (14-16)
Southwest: Tim Schnakenberg (15-17)
West Central: Travis Harper (15-17)
University of Missouri Campus: Marcia Shannon (15-17)

Special Committees

Life Members: Don Utlaut
MAEP History: Todd Lorenz; Mary Sobba (Co-Chairs)
Futuring: Todd Lorenz (Chair); Don Day; Karisha Devlin; Eldon Cole; Melvin Brees; Kendra Graham; Tim Schnakenberg; Parman Green
Sponsorship: Tim Schnakenberg (Chair); Karisha Devlin
Ag Leadership Award: Tim Schnakenberg (Chair) Brent CarpenterPatrick Byers and Joni Harper (Composed of the chair plus the MAEP President, President Elect and Secretary)
Nomination Committee: Jim Crawford, Kent Shannon and Sarah Denkler (Composed of the three latest past President)

NACAA National Leadership from Missouri

National Officer:

Secretary: Matt Herring (2016)

National Committee Chairs:

Professional Improvement Council: Mary Sobba (2015)

Horticulture & Turfgrass: Sarah Denkler (2016)

National Committee Vice-Chairs - North Central Region:

Professional Improvement

Horticulture & Turfgrass: Patrick Byers (2017)
Natural Resources Aquaculture/SEAGrant: Todd Lorenz (2016)

Program Recognition Council

Recognition and Awards: Joni Harper (2016)
Search For Excellence: Travis Harper (2016)
Scholarship: Wayne Flanary (2016)