Why become a member of MACEDEP?

The benefits of belonging to the association include:

  • Strength in numbers -- work with colleagues to address common concerns and goals
  • Develop trainings and continuing education opportunities that improve your programming and further your career
  • Recognize your peers for exceptional work through the MACEDEP awards

MACEDEP membership brochure (PDF)

Who may join?

Membership in MACEDEP is open to all faculty and staff with University of Missouri Extension.  All new faculty receive a free one-year membership to MACEDEP!

When should I join?

MACEDEP accepts applications for membership all year long.  However, our official membership year begins at the annual meeting, typically held in October. 

How do I become a member?

Membership dues are $25 per year.  You can either include your registration with your annual UMEA membership in the fall, or sign up separately by contacting:

See the list of current members