Awards and Recognition

Nomination process and award categories

Currently there are five awards that may be presented annually by MACEDEP.  We seek to align the categories and their criteria are with some award categories of the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP), so that successful nominations can be sent to NACDEP for consideration of a regional or national award.  MACEDEP award recipients should work with the MACEDEP leadership to ensure that their nominations are submitted to NACDEP -- that due date is typically during the first week of March.

To nominate yourself (encouraged) or someone else:

View list of past award recipients

1.  Review the criteria for award category of interest.  Note that some categories require additional information than is listed in the Universal Award Application.  Complete one Universal Award Application for each nomination.

2019 MACEDEP Universal Award Application

2.  Complete the Universal Award Application, including any additional information required for that award category

3.  Submit to award committee chair, Chris Kempke, at:

Award categories:

  • Distinguished Career Award:  Recognizes a MACEDEP member who is actively engaged in Extension community economic development programs AND who has served more than seven years (as of January 1) in the program areas of community development, business development, or related fields.
  • Educational Technology Award, Individual or Team:  Recognizes the use of technology in either: delivering or managing educational programs; expanding the use of technology in Extension work; or promoting logical problem-solving techniques using educational technologies.  Awards may be for an individual OR a team.
  • Excellence in Teamwork Award:  Recognizes outstanding Extension programming or projects conducted by a team that demonstrates effective performance and significant impact at the community, area, state, or multi-state level.
  • Cross Program Award, Individual or Team:  Recognizes a MACEDEP member or group of members for excellence in Extension work that combines or integrates community resources and economic development activities with work in other program areas. Applicants may focus upon community, regional or state programming. Eligible recipients must be current members of MACEDEP and at least half of team applicants must be MACEDEP members.  Note that the collaboration must be outside Business and Communities to qualify, such as with HES, 4-H, or agriculture faculty.
  • Excellence in Community Economic Development Award, Individual or Team:  Recognizes a MACEDEP member or group of members for outstanding programs in any aspect of community development work or for program accomplishments relative to scholarly and creative activities, teaching and/or research effectiveness, and to show evidence or collaboration with others who help meet community development needs.

General eligibility 

  • Member in good standing of the organization at least for the past year.

  • Recognized work conducted in January 1 through December 31 of the previous year.

  • If a team, the majority of members must by MACEDEP members. For NACDEP awards, a majority must be NACDEP members.

  • To be eligible for national NACDEP awards, nominee must be member of NACDEP for current and past year.  Please note that joining the Missouri chapter of MACEDEP does not include membership into the national organization.  Nominations intended to be forwarded to NACDEP may need editing to meet additional NACDEP requirements.

  • See each award description for additional eligibility criteria.


Questions and nominations should be sent to Submit a MACEDEP Universal Awards Application and any required supplemental material to the awards committee chairman:

Chris Kempke
MACEDEP awards committee chair