Livingston County Fair

9 am - 1 pm

2016 Livingston County Fair Book (PDF)

2016 Livingston County Exhibit Judging Comment card (PDF)

2016 Livestock Form (PDF)
    *There will be a $25 per head late fee after June 1

2016 Clover Kid Livestock Form (PDF)  
    *There will be a $25 per head late fee after June 1

2016 Horse Show Entry Form (PDF)
    *There will be a $25 per head late fee after June 1

2016 Livestock Waiver and Release (PDF)
         (must have signed copy to show)

2016 Equine Liability Waiver (PDF)
        (must have signed copy to show)

2016 4-H Entrepreneurship Market Form for Livingston County (PDF)

2016 Absentee Exhibit Judging Form (PDF)

2016 Concession Stand Schedule (PDF)


Royalty Information:
2016 Fair Queen & Princess forms can be found here.



2016 Fair Schedule (PDF)


TUESDAY          May 24 
              9:00 am – 1:00 pm     Fair Sign – Up (county fair & state fair)

SATURDAY       June 25
             8:00 am                       Postponed to July 2nd, clean up and Fair Set up

SATURDAY        July 2
             8:00 am                      Clean up and Fair Set up at 8am

            6:00 pm                       Shotgun Shoot – Pin Oak Hill Game

FRIDAY               July 8
           6:30 pm                       Truck and Tractor Pull

SATURDAY        July 9 
            8:00 am - 10:00 am    Archery Shoot
            12:00 pm                    Queen/Princess Interviews
                                               (Ag & Expo Buildings)             
            3:00 pm - 5:00pm       BB/Pellet and Small Bore Shoot
                                               (Beck Home)
            5:30 pm - 7:30pm       Western Heritage (Beck Home)

SUNDAY            July 10
             Camper Spots pre-assigned – come in through Drive C
12:30 pm                     Fashion Revue Judging
             1:00-6:00 pm              Commercial Booths (Outside)
            2:00 pm                       Queen Coronation (Expo Center)
            4:00 pm                       Style Show Modeling (entry sheet to
                                                Extension Office by Thursday)
                                                (Expo Center)
            4:00 pm                       Register for Baby Contest (Expo Center)
            4:30 pm                       Baby Contest (Expo Center)
            4:00 pm                       Horses on grounds and ENTRIES IN
            5:30 pm                       Talent Show (Expo Center)
            5:00 pm                       Horse Show


 Clover Kid Livestock Exhibitors will show at the start of each species show.

MONDAY  _      July 11
           9:00 am                       Dog Show (Expo Building)
           8:00-9:00 am               Broiler Chicken check in                 
           10:00 am                     Broiler Chicken Show (North Barn)
                                               Broiler’s released after Show
          5:30 pm                       Judges Orientation
          5:30-8:30 pm               Fishing at the Litton Pond
          6:00 pm                       “Achievement Night” (judging 4-H/FFA
                                  6:00     Junior Helper
                                  6:00     Hams in the Jenkins Building   
                                  6:15     Rich Hill Jr. Workers, Wheeling Happy
                                  6:45     Springhill Go-Getters, Mooresville
                                              Motivators, 4-H Life
                                  7:15     Independents, Busy Bees
                                  7:45     Double H
                                  8:15     FFA, Hale Happy Hustlers, Hale
                                              Clover Kids, Show-Me
                                  8:45     Dawn Sunrise Hustlers, Liberty
                                  9:00     Late judging


TUESDAY          July 12

          6:00 – 8:30 am            Poultry check in /blood testing
                                              (all birds in the barn by 8:00 am)
          8:00 am                       Breeding Swine Arrive  
                                              -  Must be in place by 9:00am
                                              X-bred Breeding Swine – will weigh in
                                              until 10:00 am
          10:00 am                     Poultry Show (North Barn)
          1:00 pm                       Breeding Swine Show
Breeding Swine: can not leave til show is over
& must leave the grounds by 5pm
          5:00 – 8:00 pm           Rabbit check in
          5:00 -9:00 pm             Market Swine check-in
                                             (Arrive NO earlier than 5pm)
                                             (weigh in 7pm-10pm)
                          NO HOG WEIGH IN ON WEDNESDAY
         6:00 pm                       Music Show Rehearsal (Outside Arena)

           8:00 am                       Rabbit Show
           8-11:00 am                 Sheep, Goat and Beef Check-in

          10:00 am                     Start weighing Lambs,
                                              Goats & Steers                                                                                     
           12:00 pm                     All T-shirts to be picked up
           1:00 pm                       Market Swine Show
           7:30 pm                       Country Jamboree (Outdoor Arena)
                                               Admission:  FREE WILL DONATION

THURSDAY     July 14
            8:00 am                      Goat Show (Expo Center)
                                               Sheep Show – following the Goat Show
                                               (Expo Center)
            1:00-6:00pm               4-H Demonstration /4-H
                                               Entrepreneurship Market (Ag Building)
            1:00 pm                      Dairy Show (Expo Center)
                                               Breeding Cattle Show to follow (Expo Center)
                                               Feeder Calves to follow (Expo Center)
            3:00 pm                      Steer Show (Expo Center)
            4:30-5:30 pm              Ice Cream Social
                                               (sponsored by the 4-H Foundation)
            12-6:00 pm                 Registration for Super Teen (Outdoor Arena)
           7:30 pm                       Super Teen Contest (Expo Center)


FRIDAY               July 15

            7:00 am                       Farm Bureau Breakfast
                                                (Shelter House – free to exhibitors)
            9:00 am                       Bucket Calf Show (Expo Center)
            5:00-6:30 pm               Appreciation Picnic – Purchase Tickets
                                                in Concession Area (Expo Center)
            6:00 pm                       Release of Non-Livestock Exhibits
                                                & North Barn Animals 
(Rabbit, Poultry & Bucket Calves) 
           7:00 pm                        Market Animals Sale
All Other Animals Released After the Completion of their Species in
the Livestock Sale        

SATURDAY       July 16

            8:00 am                       Clean-up



  • NO bikes, roller blades or skate boards allowed on the grounds.
  • NO alcoholic beverages allowed on the grounds.
  • NO dogs allowed on the grounds for health & safety reasons.
  • Only dogs being shown with Health Papers are allowed at the Dog Show.
  • Any exhibitor removing exhibits before release time will NOT be
    allowed to exhibit in the fair the following year!
  • NO straw allowed in the barns.  Straw in tie-out area- exhibitor will clean.
  • All livestock pens must be cleaned by noon on Saturday.
  • NO adults, non 4-H or non FFA members will exhibit in show ring for
    any show classes.
  • Livestock trailers must be parked at the High School or taken
  • Animals for sale can not be advertised until after they have been
    judged. Signs can be no bigger than an index card (4” x 6”).
  • Lawn chairs welcome at outdoor arena events.  Seating provided for
    Expo Center events.
  • NO Glass Containers in North Barn


2016 Dog Practices

Contact Emma & Shaylee Rademacher at 660-973-6987 for more information.

2016 Shooting Sports Practices

Litton Ag Center— Archery Range
April 16th— 2-4 pm
April 18th—5:30-7:30 pm
May 7th—2-4 pm
May 9th—5:30-7:30 pm
Mary 21st—2-4 pm
May 23rd—5:30-7:30 pm
June 4th—2-4 pm
June 6th—5:30-7:30 pm
June 18th—2-4 pm
June 20th— 5:30-7:30 pm

Fair Shoot will be July 9th @ 8-10 am 
Instructor: Willie Bagley

You MUST have 10 hours to compete for medals at the county fair shoot.  6 Hours MUST be done at Livingston County meetings. Rest can be done at away shoots.  Bring bow and 6 arrows.  Please bring a water bottle.  We encourage a parent to stay while we practice . . . just in case.
Thank you. Willy    660-752-6204

Wednesdays—6:00 pm
April 27th, May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
Fair Shoot—July 6th at 6:00 pm
Pin Oak Hill Game Management
13396 Z Hwy, Bogard
You need 10 hours to go to the county fair and/or state shoot.
Bring shotgun, shells, choke tubes (if you have them), eye and ear protections and shell pouch.
Any Questions call Kevin Hansen 707-0437 (home) 646-1335 (office) 973-7126 (cell) David Eller:707-2329 John Cramer:707-3503 Brice Walker:707-2967 Tony Burtch:973-1948

.22 Small Bore and BB/Pellet
April 16th—Saturday—4:30—6:30 pm
April 19th—Tuesday—5:30—7:30 pm
May 7th—Saturday—4:30—6:30 pm
May 10th—Tuesday—5:30—7:30 pm
May 21st—Saturday—4:30—6:30 pm
May 24th—Tuesday—5:30—7:30 pm
June 4th— Saturday—4:30-6:30 pm
June 7th—Tuesday—5:30—7:30 pm
June 18th—Saturday—4:30-6:30 pm
June 21st—Tuesday—5:30-7:30 pm
Fair Shoot will be July 9th at 3:00 pm
 David Beck Farm  (north of Chillicothe, east at McCullough Park, gravel road to railroad tracks, east on black top to field/drive east of first house on south side)
Instructors—Willy Bagley
You must bring a completed Health Form/Parent Consent Form with you to the first practice! If you can not attend please call the instructor. You need 10 hours BEFORE the county fair and/or state shoot.  BB/Pellet or .22 Rifle—Please bring a water bottle for yourself and your (safety glasses, ear plugs and something to lay on) to practice. Ammo provided We encourage a parent to stay while we practice . . . just in case.
Thank you. Willy—660-752-6204

Western Heritage and Cowboy Shooting
April 21st—Thursday—5:30—7:30 pm
May 12th—Thursday—5:30—7:30 pm
May 26th—Thursday—5:30—7:30 pm
June 23rd—Thursday—5:30—7:30 pm
July 7th—Thursday—5:30—7:30 pm
Fair Shoot will be July 9th at 5:30 pm
David Beck Farm  (north of Chillicothe, east at McCullough Park, gravel road to railroad tracks, east on black top to field/drive east of first house on south side)
Instructors—Willy Bagley, Suzi Beck
Please bring a water bottle for yourself. We encourage a parent to stay while we practice . . . just in case.
Thank you. Willy—660-752-6204




How to join 4-H

University of Missouri Extension 4-H

Empowering young people to reach their full potential

4-H brings young people, ages 5 to 19, and adults together to learn everyday skills through hands-on learning. Working on activities from animal and plant sciences to robotics, 4-H’ers learn problem-solving skills that can make a positive impact upon our community. Through 4-H, young people learn to:

  • meet the diverse challenges of today’s world;
  • build self-confidence;
  • learn responsibility; and
  • make positive decisions.
4-H clubs

4-H clubs are open to ages 8 to 18. Clubs meet monthly for group activities and club business. Each club elects officers and has an approved adult leader who supervises club activities. Club members also enroll in projects in their areas of interest.

With projects on more than 75 topics, 4-H has something to interest every child. Here are just a few of the opportunities 4-H offers—geocaching, robotics, international exchanges, horsemanship, pets, starting a business, arts and crafts, raising animals, woodworking, photography and gardening.

Clover Kids clubs

Clover Kids introduces 5- to 7-year-olds to the 4-H experience. In Clover Kids, children learn how to get along with others, work in groups, explore their interests, while building self-confidence. Clover Kids do not enroll in projects or raise animals, and do not participate in competitive events, contests or shows.

How to join

Joining 4-H is as easy as contacting the extension center. A staff member will explain the enrollment process and membership dues. In addition to dues, some projects may require a small investment to get started, and there may be a fee for materials, trips or other activities.

Young people are welcome to join at any time. The 4-H program year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. Certain activities may have participation deadlines.


4-H Online enrollment system
Missouri 4-H Clover—A guide to 4-H projects, activities and publications. It is designed to assist volunteers, members and their families select projects and activities, and set goals.

Be a 4-H volunteer

Adult volunteers are essential to 4-H. Adult volunteers serve as club or project leaders, help with county or regional events, chair committees and organize fund raisers. You don't have to be a parent or grandparent of the 4-H member to get involved. All volunteers are screened for child abuse and neglect, as well criminal records, before they are accepted and each year thereafter. As a volunteer, University of Missouri Extension will provide you with training so you will be well-prepared and successful as an adult leader. The orientation includes information on 4-H history and the educational framework, the characteristics of age groups, character development and safety.