Forms, awards and scholarships


STAATS Awards & Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals Presidents Scholarship Application (PDF)

Missouri 4-H Foundation application (DOC) DUE to county office

Livingston County 4-H Scholarship (DOC) — DUE April 17, 2014

The Ron Walker Memorial Camp Crowder Scholarship  Application (PDF)
Due by March 15, 2013 to Buchanan County Office

State Congress Opportunity Scholarship - due February 20 (PDF)


Due Sept. 10

Rookie of the Year (PDF)
Rookie Livestock Exhibitor (PDF)
I Dare You (PDF)
Outstanding Project Leader (PDF)
Outstanding Club Leader (PDF)
Y2300, Missouri Key Award (PDF)
LG760, Youth Service to Communities (PDF) service log
Window Display form 2014
Scrapbook Guidelines (PDF)
Seal App (PDF)

Missouri 4-H Recognition — due Sept. 10
State 4-H Awards Program Missouri Report Forms Application Tips and Benefits
Y2000 Level 1 (ages 8-10)  (PDF) | DOC
Y2100 Level 2 (ages 11-13) (PDF) | DOC
Y2200 Level 3 (ages 14-18) (PDF) | DOC

Enrollment forms

4-H Member Enrollment   -  online registration ONLY -

Horse Waiver (for show in Livingston County) (PDF)

2015 Dues Slip (word)

Y640, Youth Health Statement, Parent Consent and Event Acceptance Form (PDF)
Y1440, Missouri 4-H Project Horse Enrollment Form (PDF)
LG636, Missouri 4-H Volunteer Application Form (PDF)
LG812, Adult Heath Statement, Consent and Acceptance form (PDF)
Officer Applications (DOC)
2014-2015 Litton Grant App  (PDF) | DOC  — Due Dec.1 of Current Year)
2015 Litton Foundation Project Grant Form (PDF)  (DOC) — Due March 1, 2015