Livestock information


Artificial Insemination Breeding Barns
AI breeding barns are a tool to make it easier for the producers to implement Timed AI technology.  To see a list of barns in your area, check out the Breeding Barn page on the NEMO Beef website.

Freeze Branding Cattle
Freeze branding as a method of livestock identification has been received with enthusiasm. When super-cold or chilled branding irons are applied to the hide of the animal, the pigment-producing cells are destroyed or altered. When the hair grows back, it is white. The method is not foolproof, and those using it should be aware that the results may be variable. Download a free copy of MU Extension publication G2201, Freeze Branding Cattle, for more information on how to freeze brand your cattle.

Feed Ingredient Composition for Beef Cattle
It is essential to know feedstuff nutrient content in order to properly formulate beef cattle diets. MU Extension publication G2051, Feed Ingredient Composition for Beef Cattle, provides estimates of the nutrient composition of feedstuffs that are used commonly in Missouri.

Other MU Extension publications available for beef producers include:


Using Ultrasound to Pregnancy Check Sheep
Ultrasonic sound waves are a harmless way to pregnancy check ewes.  MU Extension publication G2610, Sheep Pregnancy Checking by Ultrasonic Sound, gives basic information on managing your ewe flock.

Other MU Extension publications available for sheep producers include:


Nutrient Requirements of Swine
MU Extension publication G2320, Nutrient Requirements of Swine, discusses the necessity of a comprehensive feeding program by swine producers and includes tables that illustrate nutrient requirements for swine production systems.

Other MU Extension publications available for swine producers include:


Top Money-Saving Practices on Missouri Poultry Farms
 Implementing energy-efficient measures recommended in an energy audit can help poultry operations realize substantial energy and monetary savings. MU Extension publication G1977, Top Money-Saving Practices on Missouri Poultry Farms, gives tips on lighting, heating, insulation and more to help the poultry producers maximize efficiency in poultry operations.

Small Flock Series: Brooding and Growing Chicks
Starting a flock of chickens can be easier with tips from MU Extension publication G8351, Small Flock Series: Brooding and Growing Chicks. This three-part series discusses managing chickens for small farm production and includes information on housing, feed management, disease prevention and more.

Other MU Extension publications available for poultry producers include: