Livestock information

Show-Me-Select Heifer Replacement Program 
The Missouri Show Me Select Heifer Replacement Program offers beef producers an educational program targeted at improving herd production efficiency through increased use of existing technology, coupled with the marketing component.

NEMO Beef Cattle Improvement
The beef cattle improvement program offers cattle breeders with the opportunity to improve their herds in both quality and growth through breeding and selection.  The phases of this program are used to check each animal's performance from birth until it is added to a herd or slaughtered.  
Artificial Insemination Clinics
These clinics offer cattle breeders the opportunity to learn how to artificially inseminate their own cows with both classroom and hands-on training. 2014 AI Clinic Registration (PDF)

Artificial Insemination Breeding Barns
AI breeding barns are a tool to make it easier for the producers to implement Timed AI technology.
AI Breeding Barns (PDF)

Tri-County Steer Feed-Out
The program will provide cow-calf producers information on feedlot performance, average daily gain and carcass data on one or more steers/heifers entered.  This information can be used by the producer to change breeding and management programs or as a basis for change in a producer’s marketing program.