Wild Thing of the Week

Whether it crawls, walks or flies, Wild Thing of the Week spotlights a plant or animal living in our world.  Take a look and see what's wild this week.



Know Your Pollinators

The decline of Monarch butterflies underlines the importance of pollinators in our environment.  MU Extension publication IPM1019 Caterpillars in Your and Garden provides color illustrations for identifying a variety of butterfly and moth caterpillars and a list of host plants that attract these insects and their larvae. This publication is available in a free PDF format, so download your copy today. 

4-H and FFA Show Stock Clinic

4-H and FFA members: Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your Goat and Sheep projects.  Members will discover more about showmanship, daily care, making fair weight, grooming and animal.  Live animals will be on site for showmanship demonstrations.

There is a $10 fee for 4-H & FFA youth only.  To register, check out the Show Stock Clinic flyer.





4-H: Leaders for life

 4-H Faculty, Staff and Volunteers create multiple opportunities for youth. 4-H project work and related educational experiences help youth explore interests in citizenship, communications and leadership.  4-H Youth report 3 times more opportunities than their non-4-H peers to engage in meaningful community leadership roles. This interest in leadership and community service translates to a 70% greater likelihood of  4-H members to attend college compared to youth participating in other out-of school programs. 4-H is growing the leaders of tomorrow today.  For information on joining 4-H, contact your local MU Extension center. 

NEMO AG Connection Newsletter

The NEMO AG Connection newsletter is a monthly publication containing the latest information from MU Extension Ag specialists in Ag Business, Agronomy, Ag Engineering, Livestock and Horticulture.  Ag Connection is your local link to MU for ag extension and research information. http://agebb.missouri.edu/agconnection/ 

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The 2017 gardening season is underway.

The Garden Talk newsletter is full of information, growing flowers, fruits and vegetables, a monthly gardening calendar and schedule of horticulture events in the region. 

MU Extension horticulture specialist Jennifer Schutter provides up-to-date information on garden and lawn care, so don't miss out on this month's helpful hints for growing fantastic gardens.




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