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All Osher at Mizzou courses will meet at the Moss Building about 1/3 mile from the Stadium/Old Highway 63 intersection. Turn on Hillcrest Drive. The Moss Building (Osher at Mizzou) and the Hillcrest Community Center will be on the left. The Moss Building entrance is located on the east side. Parking is conveniently located.

As a registered student in our program, you may request a library card for use in the MU Libraries. Should you wish a library card, please apply through our office.

If the Columbia School System cancels classes, the Osher classes, too, will not meet on that day.

Contact Osher at Mizzou

Call 573-882-2585 or 573-882-8189

Directions and parking

Courses are held in the Moss Building at 1907 Hillcrest Drive in Columbia, Mo., at the Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area unless otherwise noted.

Osher updates

Each week we email all members, and often these emails include information not printed in the course catalog. Details about upcoming Brown Bag Seminar and reviews of the movies to be shown at the Friday Film Festival are routinely shared in these emails. In addition, new and exciting events might come up later and will be scheduled as a talk, a formal presentation or seminar. We rely on email to get you this timely information.

You can stay well-informed if you have taken the time to send your email address to Till Rosenberger Do it today! Be sure to check your email for information about spontaneous events that certainly may prove exciting.

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Special events

Friday Afternoon Film Festival

1:30 p.m.

Moss A

Each Friday during the semester
Sept. 12, 19, 26 and Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Quality films are followed by genuinely interesting discussions. Films are announced weekly via email and on Osher at Mizzou’s Facebook page. All classes will be at the same location. If you wish to be kept informed about the weekly films, include your email address when you register for a course. If your email address changes, be sure to update us.

The Brown Bag Seminar Series

11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Moss A

Sept. 12, 19, 26 and Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31

Weekly seminar topics listed below. Additional sessions may be scheduled and announced via email updates.

  • Friday, Sept. 12
    • Description
      Birds of prey and their use in the sport of falconry: It has been 50 years since Steve Heying first found himself fascinated with powerful birds of prey. He was just a boy at the time, but five years later he began the unusual practice of having a bird of prey with him every day. In fact, he is very likely to be chauffeuring a raptor as he travels to SLAC to conduct this seminar. In this course, you’ll learn the details about different raptors, conveying their identifying features, as well as the differential suitability of a raptor for falconry.
    • Instructor
      Steve Heying is a professional surveyor. He has flown birds in England and the lower 48 states, and he has practiced the art of falconry with almost every suitable bird of prey. He will spend two weeks in southwest Wyoming this fall, and he looks forward to the quiet, picturesque scene of flying big falcons over the finest pointing dogs in the most beautiful setting in the world.
  • Monday, Sept. 15
    • Description
      Your mind at work: Mindfulness is getting a lot of attention these days for good reason. Practicing mindfulness has been shown to improve concentration and attention, improve cognitive flexibility, decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, increase creativity and problem solving, improve health, and slow age-related cognitive changes in the brain. In this presentation, learn important information about brain function that can help you make better choices and be happier. Practice mindfulness, a key element in happiness, and learn resources for bringing mindfulness into your life every day.
    • Instructor
      Lynn Rossy, PhD, is the health psychologist for Healthy for Life, the wellness program for faculty and staff at the University of Missouri’s four campuses, and the director of the Mindfulness Practice Center. She is involved in developing, delivering and researching programs that target stress reduction, physical inactivity, obesity and wellness in the workplace. She is involved in efforts to create psychologically and physically healthy work environments at the University of Missouri. She blogs weekly about mindful eating, working and living philosophy at
  • Friday, Sept. 19
    Medicare-related Topics
    • Description
      The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is the federal agency of the Department of Health and Human Services that administers the Medicare program and has oversight of Medicaid and administers the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CMS currently implements most of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act law (ACA), including a new way to purchase health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
    • Instructor
      Julie Brookhart is a public affairs specialist from Kansas City Regional Office Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Friday, Sept. 26
    The Joy of Four Paws
    • Description
      Sometimes a best friend can be on four paws instead of two legs. Thise presentation will discuss how a pet, especially a rescued one, can enrich your life.
    • Instructor
      Valerie Chaffin has been executive director of Second Chance animal rescue for the past three years. Chaffin is a lawyer from North Carolina with a specialty in alternative dispute resolution. She has an undergraduate degree in education from East Carolina University in North Carolina and master’s certificates from the Truman School of Nonprofit Management at the University of Missouri.
  • Friday, Oct. 3
    Ingredients to Stay Away From and Whole Food Eating
    • Instructor
      Laura Lee Brown grew up as the youngest of nine with parents who showed her the way to healthy living. After running track for the University of Missouri, she became a certified personal trainer, whole food cook, and a healthy lifestyle coach. Currently she is proprietor of Laura Lee’s Healthy Plate. Contact her at lbrown@
  • Friday, Oct. 10
    The Man and His Strategic Plan: Louis XIV and the Building of Versailles
    • Description
      Versailles, just nine miles from Paris, is a royal palace so gigantic and resplendently embellished that it is easy to understand why all the crowned heads of late 17th and 18th century Europe, from Maria Theresa of Austria to Catherine the Great of Russia, wanted to build a Versailles of their own. Understanding Versailles and all that went on there is impossible without knowing the backstory of Louis XIV of France, its creator. Who was Louis and
      why was he driven to create not only the palace but the way of life that flourished in its walls and gardens? Join us to learn about this fascinating, driven egomaniac — and how and why he created the magnificence and grandeur that is Versailles. In advance of this talk, watch Marie Antoinette, Sofia Coppola’s fastidiously researched film depicting life at Versailles 100 years after Louis XIV built it. Although it takes place during the reigns of Louis XV and XVI, you will see the customs, traditions and excesses of life at court that Louis XIV set in motion.
    • Instructor
      Diane Stone, MA, is an Osher instructor at The University of Connecticut’s Waterbury campus. Passionately interested in European history and a history major at Queens College of the City University of New York, she stepped away from being an at-home wife and mother to go back to school for an MA at The University of Michigan, concentrating on prerevolutionary France. Her thesis topic was Louis XIV and the building of Versailles. While researching for her thesis, she spent three months working with the curator and his staff on site at the chateau and researching at The Bibliotheque Nationale. Wanderlust trumped the academic life, she spent 30 years traveling the world for business and pleasure. Stone’s career in the exhibition industry and her expertise in producing large trade and consumer shows, conferences and publications for specialized markets took her to business destinations around the world. These travels made her realize how much her history background enriched her experiences. She was able to place what she saw in social, cultural and historical context.
    • Note
      Marie Antoinette, referenced above, will be shown as the Friday Film Festival Feature on Oct. 3, 2014, at 1:30 p.m.
  • Friday, Oct. 17
    Commerce Bank Topic: Managing and Monitoring Your Financial Plan Pre- and Post-Retirement
    • Description
      Do you have a financial plan? Have you been monitoring it? What are the important items to cover when reviewing your plan? This discussion will cover everything from investments, insurance, taxes and estate planning and provide the tools to regularly check on your financial plan. Instructor: Ryan Lovill, CFP, is vice president and market executive for Commerce Trust. Contact him at 573-886-5237 or ryan.lovill@commercebankcom.
  • Friday, Oct. 24
    Don’t be a victim of scams and fraud!
    • Description
      Don’t be a victim! Multiple types of fraud and scams target members of our community. Different types of fraud and scams include but are not limited to identity theft, email, mail order, income tax filings, job postings, altered checks, wire transfers and large prize-winning awards. We’ll talk about some of the most frequent local fraud and scams to hit our area and discuss precautions to minimize your personal exposure. We’ll also discuss cyber crimes, what they are and how to protect yourself against this growing threat.
  • Friday, Oct. 31
    Personal Finance Planning: Estate Planning: Is Your Estate Plan in Place?
    • Description
      Do you have a will or trust? Are your medical directives in place? When was the last time you updated these documents? This presentation will cover key issues to consider when establishing a will or trust, or if you just need to update your estate plan documents.
    • Instructor
      Ryan Lovill, CFP, is vice president and market executive for Commerce Trust. Contact him at
      573-886-5237 or Presented by The Commerce Trust Company, a division of Commerce Bank, which has been providing trust and asset management services to individuals and families since 1906. The Trust Company has $31.2 billion in assets under administration and $18.6 billion under active management. Presented by Commerce Bank, the largest independent bank in the lower Midwest with $21.9 billion in assets operating in 370 locations, including Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado. Presented by The Commerce Trust Company, a division of Commerce Bank, which has been providing trust and asset management services to individuals and families since 1906. The Trust Company has $31.2 billion in assets under administration and $18.6 billion under active management.

The Robert G. Silvers Memorial Seminar Series

Celebrating the Best of the Human Mind The life and spirit of Sally Silvers’ beloved Robert will be celebrated in perpetuity with a generous endowment to the Osher program. She created the Robert G. Silvers Memorial Seminar Series: Celebrating the Best of the Human Mind to commemorate Robert’s wondrous intelligence and humanity. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Missouri presents the sixth annual event of the seminar series.

After setting records for the number of courses in which he enrolled each semester, Silvers assumed the role of instructor. He was teaching a course in woodworking in the OLLI program when he took ill six years ago. So overwhelming was Robert’s passion for the beauty of wood and opulent wood veneers, Sally’s choice of speaker for the series has been a woodworking artist — the very one that was her husband’s inspiration and mentor, Ian J. Kirby. Join Sally Silvers’ family, friends and acquaintances — and our students to celebrate this fine human being who shared our lives and our hopes. He was one of our finest, most caring instructors — totally committed to his students and the Osher program.

“Because of how my Robert loved this program, I wanted to give a gift to him and to our community by creating an endowment establishing The Robert G. Silvers Seminar Series: Celebrating the Best of the Human Mind. Robert wanted to learn everything … all of the time. This tribute series is a bequest to all who seek, as he did, to grow in knowledge and understanding. The response to the speaker for the inaugural seminar was overwhelming. You will not be surprised to learn that I requested a return engagement of Robert’s beloved friend and mentor, Ian Kirby. The topic is a variation on the theme he introduced just one year ago. Please join us for another session on the Arts and Crafts Movement — this time, as it evolved in the United States.” — Sally Silvers

The Influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the United States

Friday, Oct. 10

2 p.m.

Moss A

Launched in England, the Arts and Crafts Movement inevitably traveled through Europe and to the United States. In each country it took a slightly different course. This course will examine the outcome of the Arts and Craft Movement in the U.S. Instructor: It is from Ian Kirby that Robert acquired his avocation. The devotion, the respect, the bond between the Silvers and Kirby continues unchanged. You are likely to experience the avocation they shared — and, of course, Kirby’s impressive insight into the development and historical importance of this great art.

Kirby has been in America since 1973, teaching woodworking, designing and making furniture, and writing and consulting for major corporations. He has visited hundreds of shops of all sizes and his unique perspectives on machines, tools, techniques and design will broaden your understanding. Kirby has devoted his life as an educator to teaching adults. He has an innate sense, honed by years of experience, of what helps people learn the most in the least amount of time. He focuses on teaching people to solve woodworking problems so they learn skills they can directly apply to their own work.

Special events: Extra-mural

Osher Saturday Morning Book Talks

Pastries and coffee at 9:30 a.m.; Book Talk 10 a.m.;

1907 Hillcrest Drive

Your participation is welcome on the first Saturday of the month. Admission is $3, or you can purchase a 10-event punch card for $25. Please thank the sponsors for their book talk support. Book selling and signing will follow the Book Talks

  • Sept. 6
    Zen-Brain Horizons
    (2014) by James Austin
    • Sponsors
      Greg and Carol Busacker
  • Oct. 4
    Biting Through the Skin: An Indian Kitchen in America’s
    Heartland (2013) by Nina Murkerjee Furstenau
    • Sponsor
      Laura McHugh
  • Nov. 1
    Walt Disney’s Missouri: The Roots of a Creative Genius (2002) by Dan Viets
    • Sponsor
      The Kansas City Star
  • Dec. 6
    Limestone Wall
    (2014) by Marlene Lee
    • Sponsor
      Boomerang Creek

Travel Club

Every second Wednesday, 2 p.m. Club Room at the Grindstone Hy-Vee The Travel Club, originally an OLLI class, is an open forum and agenda for sharing travel tips, travel tales, travel opportunities, travel photos, travel destinations and travel deals. We’ve had presentations on extended living in a foreign country, purchasing the right camera, the merits of traveling alone or in a group. If any of this sounds enticing, join the Travel Club at their monthly meetings. They meet in the Club Room (second floor) of the Hy-Vee at Grindstone and Providence.

Please share your email address with and she'll add you to the mailing list for reminders and minutes of the topics and Web resources discussed. El Club de Español Tuesdays, 3:15-4:45 p.m. 1907 Hillcrest Drive This Spanish club is for participants who have studied the present and the preterite tenses in Spanish, and will meet on Tuesdays after the 1:30 p.m. Spanish for beginners class. The Parks and Recreation charge for using the room is $20 per person for the entire year. Call Judy Elliott, 573- 445-3194, if you plan to participate in El Club de Español.

Columbia Parks and Recreation 50+ Columbia Parks and Recreation’s Hillcrest Community Center and the Moss Building plays host to more than 50 activities besides Osher at Mizzou. Activities include dropin games like bingo and dominoes. Painting groups meet Mondays and Thursdays. Music groups practice here and go out to perform in the community at schools, nursing —the Good Timers choir, a bell choir of lightweight melody chimes, and ukulele ensemble that incorporates singers, kazoos, spoons and fun are just a few examples. A jam band plays on select Wednesdays and Fridays for listening and dancing. If you have a social or card group looking for a meeting place, consider reserving a time in the Hillcrest Community Center. Inquire at the front desk.

50+ Explorers

50+ Explorers takes local jaunts around Columbia in a 15-passenger bus to new and interesting destinations, enjoying lunch afterward to socialize. 50+ Tours travels by charter coach on day and overnight trips. As season ticket holders at the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, Kan., we enjoy a buffet lunch at five shows every year. The upcoming season shows include Murder Among Friends, Shear Madness, Forever Plaid, Hairspray and The Addams Family. Our fall overnight trip will be to The Arbor Day Farms and Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, where we will enjoy the fall colors and activities at the Tree Adventure and Apple House. Holiday trips will be announced soon. Call 573-441-5525 or 573-874-7475 or stop at the front desk for details and more information.

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