Osher Saturday Morning Book Talks

Coffee and cakes at 9:30 a.m.
Book talk 10 a.m.; Hillcrest D

Book selling and signing will follow the Book Talks

Your participation is welcome on the first Saturday of the month. Osher members at any level may attend at no additional charge. For all others, admission is $3 or you can purchase a 10-event punch card for $20. Please thank the sponsors for their support of Book Talk.

Feb. 4
"The 100 Year Decision: Texas A&M and the SEC" (2014) by R. Bowen Loftin (with Rusty Burson)
This book focuses on the Texas A&M decision to leave the Big 12 Conference and move to the powerful SEC. "In this candid memoir, readers witness what happened in the closed-door meetings that fed this Texas-sized controversy, with all the deception, manipulation, political pressure and deal-making anyone could expect." Loftin was at the heart of the decision.

March 4
"New Empires Rising" (2016) by Mike Trial
Mike Trial, a local author with a keen eye for mystery, will talk about his new JD Iselin drama. Iselin has his own security company that works with governmental operations in both a covert and overt fashion. This study of mercenary merchants of the Iselin Security Options (ISO) gives special attention to global oil dynamics.

April 1
"Slant of Light" (2012) by Steve Wiegenstein
"In times of war, everyone must choose a side." This quote sets the stage for Steve Wiegenstein's book, which is described as a novel of utopian dreams and Civil War in struggle. It gives graphic attention to the complexity of mid-19th century efforts by a Harvard-educated abolitionist to create a new world in the Missouri Ozarks. This already challenging task is made still more demanding by the inexorable need to take sides as the Civil War looms on the horizon.

May 6
"Living Zen Remindfully" (2016) by James Austin
James Austin, M.D. will present his current book in his decades long exploration of mindfulness. His MIT Press books have been strong as professional volumes but, as anyone who listens to Dr. Austin explain, there is a zen message for all who want to better balance their lives and thinking. "Living Zen Remindfully" continues his rich union of language and insight.

June 3
Steve Weinberg
Dr. Steve Weinberg has been a very popular Osher Saturday Morning Book Talks speaker and he has been invited to present a special program for us. Weinberg, who has been working on a book on American cartoonist Garry Trudeau for some years, suffered a stroke this past year. He will give us the inner story on remaining on a modified writing calendar even while fighting to regain his classic levels of high energy and productivity. There will be no book to read for this June talk, but there will be much to learn about the reality of writing in the uncertain flow of life.

Special events

Fridays: The Brown Bag Seminar Series

11:15 a.m.—12:45 p.m.

Moss A

Jan. 20, 27, Feb. 3, 10

Weekly seminar topics are listed below. Additional sessions may be scheduled and announced via email updates. Brown Bag Seminars are open to all Osher premium members, semester members and basic members throughout the academic year. Feel free to bring your lunch.

Jan. 20
Cardboard Gold?

Did your mother throw away a fortune in ball cards? Maybe. Maybe not. After a brief nod to the origins of sporting premiums as inserts in early candy and tobacco products in the late 19th century, we will focus primarily on the post World War II era and the Bubble Gum Wars between competing manufacturers vying for the emerging spending power of the baby boomer market. We will look at the various tactics used to appeal to that market and learn about the nuances within the cards themselves that got 10-year-olds to spend all their savings on packages of cards. You'll find out why some cards are still worth a whole lot while others aren't worth much of anything. Finally, we will examine how a callous disregard for a basic law of economics by manufacturers and dealers ended up killing the goose that laid the golden eggs.

  • Instructor
    Terry Farmer is a retired history teacher that spent thirty years teaching in CPS. He lives here in Columbia with his wife, Darlene, also a retiree from CPS. At 70 years of age and with an eternal thanks to his maternal grandmother he still has all the cards he accumulated as a child. He will share some of these with this class to illuminate specific things to talk about. And a mantra he encourages all to remember: A ball card's actual worth is solely determined by what someone is willing to pay for it!

Jan. 27
Racial Unrest on Campus From My Window

In November 2015, a series of extraordinary events on the University of Missouri campus brought colleges and universities across the country into the national debate over racism. What was it like to witness these events at Mizzou as they unfolded? Hear one professor's eyewitness account of the Concerned Student 1950 protest, including both the positive and negative impacts that these historical events have had at Mizzou.

  • Instructor
    Professor Michelle Cecil is a Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor. After graduating from the University of Illinois College of Law in 1982, Cecil practiced law in Chicago for seven years before joining MU's Law School faculty in 1989, where she teaches tax and bankruptcy. Cecil has received 10 teaching awards, including the William T. Kemper Fellowship and the Governor's Teaching Award. She publishes in the area of bankruptcy taxation. Her articles have appeared in a number of prestigious law reviews, including the Minnesota Law Review, the Wisconsin Law Review and the Notre Dame Law Review.

Feb. 3
The Civil War in Boone County, Missouri: The Columbia Jail Assault

Discover this fascinating and tragic event that occurred in downtown Columbia, Mo., 154 years ago. The Columbia Jail Assault will be included in the upcoming book, "The Civil War in Boone County Missouri," by Marty Paten.

  • Instructor
    Marty Paten is the founder of Boone County Historical Investigation Services, which is an organization that exists to preserve and promote Boone County Missouri history through research, writing and the collection of historical artifacts. The primary purpose of BCHIS is to produce quality, well documented books pertaining to Boone County, Missouri. Find details on his current book, "The Columbia Branch Railroad," at http://www.columbiabranchrailroad.com. Paten is also the owner of H.A.G.R. Publishing, which exists for the sole purpose of achieving the objectives of BCHIS.

Feb. 10
Enhancing an Already Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Maybe you've recently been awakened to the fact that eating well and adding some other healthy practices can be very beneficial to your health. On the other hand, maybe you have recently decided that you really must start taking better care of yourself and enjoy hearing about new ideas that work. Wherever you fit on the continuum of moving from less health to more health and vibrancy, this class could be for you. We'll look at four practices, all relatively easy to incorporate into your daily regimen and discuss the benefits and burdens of each of them.

  • Instructor
    Jane W. Smith, DMin, AADP certified holistic health coach and raw food specialist, believes that getting older doesn't have to mean living with chronic conditions, aches and pains and excess weight. A student of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle all of her adult life, she alleviated her high blood pressure, arthritis pain, headaches and digestive issues naturally and believes that you don't have to settle for living the rest of your life feeling unhealthy and uncomfortable. Currently, after a long career raising seven children and more than 20 years as a hospital chaplain, Smith is the owner of Abundant Raw Life, where she provides health coaching programs and raw food preparation classes to people seeking healing from illnesses and overall improved wellness and vitality. She emphasizes "bio-individuality" — the same diet may not be right for everyone — but that everyone can benefit by adding more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into their eating plans. And everyone can have greater energy and vigor and thus enjoy more fulfillment and promise in all of life's situations.

Special events: Extramural

Open discussion

Tuesdays, 11 a.m. — noon
Thursdays, 2:30–3:30 p.m.

Moss A

The open discussion will be your chance to share ideas and get to know classmates for an informal social hour. We'll meet each Tuesday and Thursday so members can continue class discussions or swap stories over a cup of coffee.

No need to enroll; you are welcome to stay after class or come and go as you are able. Take time to connect with your fellow Osher members. Come as learners; leave as friends!

Travel Club

Every second Wednesday, 2 p.m.

Hillcrest A

The Travel Club, originally an Osher@Mizzou class, is an open forum and agenda for sharing travel tips, tales, opportunities, photos, destinations and deals. We've had presentations on extended living in a foreign country, purchasing the right camera and the merits of traveling alone or in a group. If any of this sounds enticing, join the Travel Club at their monthly meetings. Please share your email address with sharonkinden@yahoo.com and she'll add you to the mailing list for reminders and minutes of the topics and web resources discussed. Anyone can become a Travel Club member for $40 for the entire year; this membership entitles Travel Club members to enjoy all the benefits of a basic Osher membership. All other Osher members may attend Travel Club meetings at no charge.

El Club de Español

Thursdays, 3 — 4:30 p.m.

Hillcrest C

This Spanish club is for participants who have studied the present and the preterite tenses in Spanish. Osher members at any level may attend at no charge.

For all others, the Parks and Recreation charge for using the room is $25 per person for the entire year. Call Judy Elliott at 573-445-3194 if you plan to participate in El Club de Español.

Columbia Parks and Recreation 50+

Columbia Parks and Recreation 50+ welcomes Osher members to an exciting new winter semester at Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area, Hillcrest Community Center and Moss Building!

We hope you have taken advantage of the added benefits offered this Osher academic year (September 2016 through June 2017) that included a 2017 Parks and Recreation Waters-Moss/Hillcrest 50+ membership as well. As members, you can enjoy the following activities at Parks and Recreation facilities at Waters-Moss: Travel Club, Saturday Morning Book Talks, Spanish Club, Painting Group, Mah Jongg, Adult Coloring Group and games such as Mexican train dominoes, bingo and jigsaw puzzles, as well as potlucks.

A monthly calendar is printed the last week of the month for the next month's activities and is placed in wall racks at the community center. The same information is available at http://www.CoMo.gov when you search for "Senior/50."

50+ travel opportunities

Hop on board the bus and join Columbia Parks and Recreation for fun and relaxation. Travel is always an adventure that enriches your life.

50+ Tours

Escorted day and overnight trips onboard White Knight charter coaches. Trip costs will vary depending on length and included activities. Quality and pacing are important to the planning of our trips.

50+ Explorers

Our 14-passenger Parks and Recreation bus takes monthly trips at a minimal cost around Columbia. Each activity also includes a meal for social time together.

At the time this brochure information goes to edit, there are trips still in the planning stages you might want to know about, so please check with the Hillcrest front desk for the most up-to-date details.

A new season at the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, KS, has begun. Our season tickets include "Boeing-Boeing" on March 22, "The Dixie Swim Club" on May 10, and "Million Dollar Quartet" on July 26. It is a wonderful getaway Wednesday matinée that includes a buffet lunch and show.

A spring trip to Indiana Amish Country is being planned. Check for dates and further information.

Activities and meeting space

We are always looking for new activities and interests to fill our rooms during the day and some evening hours. Please inquire at the Hillcrest front desk for more information or to check availability.

The Moss Building is available for weekend rentals and some mid-week dates on a limited basis. With space for 150 people, this is a great place for meetings, birthdays, graduations, wedding receptions, reunions and other events. At $35 an hour (with a 2 hour minimum plus a refundable deposit), the Moss Building is an affordable and versatile space for your next gathering. Contact Parks and Recreation at 573-874-7460 for information.

Friday Afternoon Film Festival

Each Friday during the semester

Films begin at 1:30 p.m.

Moss A

Sept. 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct. 7, 14, 21 [No film Oct. 28]

Quality films are followed by genuinely interesting discussions. Films are announced weekly via email and on the Facebook page for Osher@Mizzou. All classes will be at the same location. If you wish to be kept informed about the weekly films, include your email address when you register for a course. If your email address changes, be sure to update us. The Friday Afternoon Film Festival is now open only to Osher members and guests of premium Osher members.