Special events

Fridays: The Brown Bag Seminar Series

11:15 a.m.–12:45 p.m.,

Moss A

June 3, 10, 17, 24

Weekly seminar topics are listed below. Additional sessions may be scheduled and announced via email updates. Also see the special Mid-week Brown Bag Seminar Series offered on Wednesdays this summer semester. Brown Bag Seminars are open to all Osher premium members, semester members and basic members throughout the academic year. Feel free to bring your lunch.

June 3 and 10
ISIS Domestic Terrorism and Gun Violence

The course will discuss ISIS ideology as well as that of U.S. White Identity groups, militia and other groups that often initiate violence. Content will include common frameworks such as violence leading to Armageddon, the final battle, and leaving only true believers.

Larry G. Brown is a retired assistant professor of human geography at the University of Missouri. He has a PhD from MU in policy studies, a Master's of Divinity and a Master of Arts in geography. He has conducted research on the radical racist religious right movement called Christian Identity and has published several articles. He pastored congregations for 30 years before becoming a full-time professor. In addition to teaching at MU, he taught at Stephens College and the Missouri School of Religion.

Paul Wallace, professor emeritus of political science, continues to teach a course every spring semester at the University of Missouri. He served as the expert witness on Sikh violence at the Air India trial in Canada in 2003. He has been a consultant on South Asia and violence to the U.S. Attorney General's Office, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, defense lawyers, immigration agencies in the U.S. and Canada, and to the Obama Administration in 2008 and 2009. Dr. Wallace has received five Smithsonian-funded awards for national election studies in India and many other research grants. He frequently lectures throughout India, and other parts of the world. His publications include nine books and over 40 book chapters and articles. Wallace also publishes and lectures on terrorism.

June 17
What Would You, and the Country, Do Without the Press?

Today's news media, which now include information outlets never envisioned by authors of the First Amendment, are under constant barrage. But how could we function, as a democratic society, without them? We tend to get caught up in following the news of the day and criticizing how it's reported and presented, but we seldom ponder what authors of the First Amendment meant by a "free press" and its role in a functioning democracy. If we were charged with rewriting that amendment today, how might we reword it? Or would we?

Rod Gelatt is a professor emeritus of journalism at MU, former news director KOMU-TV and KBIA radio, creator and long-time moderator of "Views of the News" (radio), producer/moderator of "Missouri Forum" (TV), chair of Broadcast News department, lecturer/instructor Osher classes at University of Missouri and University of Arizona.

June 24
Songwriting and Tunes for the Guitar

Want to exercise your creativity? This session will feature songwriting for the guitar, focusing on lyric development. Come for a fun time participating in the process of creating tunes, lyrics and accompaniments. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn about and express your creativity, regardless of where (you think) your skills are now.

Ed Riegler has a degree in music education from Webster University. He worked in music publishing, has dabbled in a performing career and is an accomplished guitarist active in local song writing clubs.

Special events: Extramural

Travel Club

Every second Wednesday, 2 p.m.

Hillcrest C

The Travel Club, originally an Osher@Mizzou class, is an open forum and agenda for sharing travel tips, tales, opportunities, photos, destinations and deals. We've had presentations on extended living in a foreign country, purchasing the right camera and the merits of traveling alone or in a group. If any of this sounds enticing, join the Travel Club at their monthly meetings. Please share your email address with sharonkinden@yahoo.com and she'll add you to the mailing list for reminders and minutes of the topics and Web resources discussed. Anyone can become a Travel Club member for $40 for the entire year; this membership entitles Travel Club members to enjoy all the benefits of a basic Osher membership. All other Osher members may attend Travel Club meetings at no charge.

El Club de Español

Thursdays, 3–4:30 p.m.

Hillcrest C

This Spanish club is for participants who have studied the present and the preterite tenses in Spanish. Osher members at any level may attend at no charge. For all others, the Parks and Recreation charge for using the room is $20 per person for the entire year. Call Judy Elliott at 573-445-3194 if you plan to participate in El Club de Español.

Osher Saturday Morning Book Talks

10 a.m.
Pastries and coffee at 9:30 a.m.

Hillcrest D

Book selling and signing will follow the Book Talks

Your participation is welcome on the first Saturday of the month. Osher members at any level may attend at no additional charge. For all others, admission is $3, or you can purchase a 10-event punch card for $20. Please thank the sponsors for their support of Book Talk.

June 4 
Finding Helen: Diary of a WWI Battlefield Nurse (2013) by Brooke Cameron and Janice C. Collins

  • Sponsor
    Laura Perez-Mesa

July 9
The Education of a Traitor: A Memoir of Growing Up in Cold War Russia (2015) by Svetlana Grobman

  • Sponsor
    Brady and Anne Deaton

Aug. 6
The Burden of Silence (2015) by Eric Praschan

  • Sponsor: Marlene Lee

Sept. 10 
No Certain Home (2015) by Marlene Lee

  • Sponsor
    Two Mules Editing

Columbia Parks and Recreation 50+

Columbia Parks and Recreation 50+ welcomes Osher members to an exciting new summer semester at Waters-Moss Memorial Wildlife Area, Hillcrest Community Center, Moss Building and Waters House!

We hope you have taken advantage of the added benefits offered this Osher academic year (September 2015 through June 2016) that included a 2016 Parks and Recreation Waters-Moss/Hillcrest 50+ membership as well. As members, you can enjoy the following activities at Parks and Recreation facilities at Waters-Moss: Travel Club, Saturday Morning Book Talks, Spanish Club, Painting Group, Mah Jongg, Adult Coloring Group and games such as Mexican train dominoes, bingo and jigsaw puzzles, as well as potlucks.

A monthly calendar is printed the last week of the month for the next month's activities and is placed in wall racks at the community center. The same information is available at http://www.GoColumbiaMo.com when you search for "Senior/50."

50+ travel opportunities

Hop on board the bus and join Columbia Parks and Recreation for fun and relaxation. Day trip information is listed below. Additional trips may be announced as well. Travel is always an adventure that enriches your life.

50+ tours

Escorted day and overnight trips onboard White Knight charter coaches. Trip costs will vary depending on length and included activities. Quality and pacing are important to the planning of our trips.

50+ explorers

Our 14-passenger Parks and Recreation bus takes monthly trips at a minimal cost around Columbia. Each activity also includes a meal for social time together.

Trips for the summer are still in the planning stages, so please check with the Hillcrest front desk for the most up-to-date details:

The New Theatre Restaurant will announce their new season of five shows soon. Don't miss our trip to the last musical of their current season:

Wednesday, Aug. 10 — "Chicago"

  • Cost is $80.

A July trip along the Mississippi River

A fall color trip

St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals baseball games by request

50+ musical opportunities

Unified bell choir, choir (The Good Timers), ukulele ensemble Jammers House Band provide music. The groups practice at Hillcrest and go out to perform at retirement centers, schools, nursing homes and special events.

Activities and meeting space
We are always looking for new activities and interests to fill our rooms during the day and some evening hours. Please inquire at the Hillcrest front desk for more information or to check availability.

The Moss Building is available for weekend rentals and some mid-week dates on a limited basis. With space for 150 people, this is a great place for meetings, birthdays, graduations, wedding receptions, reunions and other events. At $35 an hour (with a 2 hour minimum plus a refundable deposit), the Moss Building is an affordable and versatile space for your next gathering. Contact Parks and Recreation at 573-874-7460 for information.

Friday Afternoon Film Festival

Each Friday during the semester

Films begin at 1:30 p.m.

Moss A

June 3, 10, 17, 24

Quality films are followed by genuinely interesting discussions. Films are announced weekly via email and on the Facebook page for Osher@Mizzou. All classes will be at the same location. If you wish to be kept informed about the weekly films, include your email address when you register for a course. If your email address changes, be sure to update us. The Friday Afternoon Film Festival is now open only to Osher members and guests of premium Osher members.