Online registration tutorial

For this 2018 summer semester, only Premium (full $100 payment or $10 re-registration) and Semester memberships can be registered on-line. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer — monthly $20 payment) is not available. Non-member single sessions and Basic memberships can only be registered by the Osher staff using mail, phone, or walk-in.

Like spring registration, you must still use a special code for every membership type. FAILURE TO INPUT A MEMBERSHIP CODE WILL RESULT IN A DEFAULT FEE OF $100. These codes are:

  • [Special Code] for fall, winter or spring premium members re-registering this summer. 
  • "Prem" for premium memberships starting this summer
  • "Sem" for semester membership

Two points to remember:

  • On the first page, you must enter a code to indicate the fee category.
  • On the second page, you must select your membership.

Once you start a registration, you cannot save, close, or cancel it and then return to it where you left off. For this reason, we highly recommend reviewing the following tutorial before you begin. However, if you would like to continue to the registration, it will open in a new window so you may review this tutorial during the registration process.


Form 1


Form 2


Form 3


Form 4


Form 5

You may begin.