We are dedicated to making membership and participation affordable and accessible to Columbia area residents over 50 who wish to be involved.

If you would like to request tuition assistance or require disability-related accommodations or special assistance, contact the Osher at Mizzou office at Osher@Mizzou.edu or 573-882-8189.

If you wish to make a gift to support
our programs, please visit our donation page.

Osher membership and fees

Osher membership at all levels includes joint membership between Osher and the Columbia Parks and Recreation 50+ program, plus an "all-access pass" to use Parks and Recreation facilities for Osher functions such as Travel Club, Spanish Club, Saturday Morning Book Talks and other groups that might form in the future.

Premium membership (school year)

For $240 each fall*, you become a yearlong Osher member. Premium membership follows the school year, from Aug. 1 to July 31. (*A new premium membership purchased in the summer session is pro-rated to $100 and good for the rest of the school year.) The premium membership includes all benefits of a basic membership, as well as these exclusive perks:

  • Enroll in as many classes each semester as you wish to attend and pay only $10 to re-enroll each following semester.
  • Attend Friday Afternoon Film Festivals for the full school year (four semesters).
  • Bring a guest at no charge to Brown Bag Seminar Series and Friday Afternoon Film Festival sessions.
  • Request a University of Missouri library card for one full academic year.
  • Receive an invitation to the Robert G. Silvers Memorial Seminar, usually in the fall.
  • Become eligible to serve on the Osher Advisory Council.

Semester membership

Enroll in one or more classes for a single semester, paying a $20 enrollment fee and individual fees for each course in which you enroll. Course fees vary, from $40 to $60, according to the course length and semester. Single Potpourri and series sessions are $25 each. (See enrollment form.)

In addition to attending the course for which you enrolled, you receive these perks for that semester:

  • All of the benefits of a basic membership
  • Ability to attend Friday Afternoon Film Festivals

Basic membership (school year)

The Basic Osher membership costs $40 for the school year. This membership level offers the following benefits:

  • Attend Brown Bag Seminar Series throughout the year
  • Attend all Saturday Morning Book Talks
  • Take part in any of the Osher clubs, including Spanish Club and Travel Club
  • Have a Columbia Parks and Recreation 50+ membership with additional program benefits
  • Non-membership (single sessions)
  • To attend individual sessions in the Potpourri or Brown Bag Seminar series courses, the fee is $25 per session but does not include any membership benefits.