Note from the Osher Development Committee

I cannot imagine what my life would be like without Osher classes.  Can you?

I truly appreciate how much Osher gives all of us who attend classes: Knowledge.  A forum for discussion.  New friends.  New skills.  A book club!  A choir.  Connectedness.  Belonging to a group of interesting folks who are curious, driven, and enjoying their lives.

Osher@Mizzou is membership-driven, meaning it runs on “member fuel.”  This year we will serve more than 600 members.  And next year, and the year after that.  With your help, we’ll certainly serve more friends and neighbors.  Your generosity can help us meet our needs as we continue growing.

Our fundraising goal this year is $25,000 (which accounts for nearly 12% of the operating budget for the year).  Your financial investment in Osher will allow us to expand our programs and better serve our community of lifelong learners.  Your contributions also help to fund our scholarship program, whereby people can join at a cost they can afford, and we do not have to turn away a single person due to lack of funding.

Every gift counts; every dollar you give makes a difference here at Osher@Mizzou. Your donations are needed to ensure long-term continued success and stability, and to make sure classes and the opportunities members enjoy today will be available for others tomorrow.

For more details on how to make your gift, please see below. Or you can simply write in your gift amount on your Osher course registration form. Questions? The Osher staff and volunteers can assist. Stop by, email or call (573) 882-8189.

We are so fortunate to have such an active Osher program in Columbia.  The future is bright, and it is so because of members like you.

Live Love Laugh @ Osher@Mizzou,

Michael J. Porter,

Chair, Development Committee


Give to Osher@Mizzou.

2019 Osher Advocates 

Osher members who support our continuing-education program at the level of $500 or more per year qualify as OSHER ADVOCATES. Please consider joining this group that allows the program to thrive and continue to grow, while keeping Osher membership fees affordable. We appreciate their leadership and generosity!

Tom and Barbara Bender* 
James and Anne Campbell 
Robert and Barbara Churchill* 
Carolyn Dye* 
Jeanne Dzurick 
William B. Fisch* 
Anne and David Gifford* 
Dave and Nancy Griggs 
Beverly Kabrick* 
Sharon Kinden* 
Hanna and David Klachko 
Greg and Gail Luce 
Carol A. McAllister* 
Jack and Terry Meinzenbach 
Georgia Morehouse* 
Jerry Murrell* 
John Parker 
Von and Joyce Pittman* 
Michael and Rose Porter* 
Neil and Lyanne Riley* 
Sally Silvers* 
Gary and Beth Stangler* 
Jim and Kathy Tunink 
Jack Wax* 
Nan Wolf* 

* These generous donors gave foundational gifts that established the Osher Advocate program, and are known as FOUNDERS. Thank you for your leadership!

2019 Friends of Osher

Special thanks to the FRIENDS OF OSHER, who have provided support through monetary contributions above their registration fees ($10 to $499).

Kathryn Allen 
Barbara C. Ball 
Don and Joan Bay* 
Robert and Cokie Blake 
Danielle and Richard Blanck 
Carol Braaten 
Linda Bradley 
Nancy Burke 
Fortune Campbell 
Charlene Carnes 
Rosemary Christensen 
Thomas Dillingham and Judith Clark* 
Julia Cramer 
Gloria Crull 
Mark and Susan Dickinson 
Meredith Donaldson 
Fred Erickson 
Barbara Favazza
Theresa Ferrugia 
Lawrence M. and Aileen R. Garvin* 
Joseph and Jessica Giacchi 
Bill Goodson 
Olive Graham 
Frank and Kathy Green 
Nancy Griffin 
Gregory Grinch 
Maureen Hayes 
Joanne Heisler 
Kay Henderson 
Michael Hess 
Maurine Hall-Hildebrand 
Allen and Marian Hjelmfelt 
Leon Hoskins 
Tom and Stacie Houston 
Carol Hughey 
Wanda Hunker 
Janet Jackson 
Sandra Knight
Pauline Landhuis 
Evelyn Lansche 
Brenda Lawson 
Tom Lhamon 
Kay Libbus 
Lois Long 
Steve and Martha Matthews* 
Elaine McDannold 
William and Doyne McKenzie 
William Mees 
Ruth Miluski* 
Donald Mueller 
Bob and Bonnie Mullen 
Karen Neely 
Mary Nesladek 
Marilou Oliver 
Claude and Lena Pecquet 
James Preston, Jr. 
Jon Rhodes 
Karen Ridge
Deborah Rogers 
Joyce Sandin 
Mary Sandy 
Barbara Schneider 
Deborah and Marc Scholes 
Sarah Seat 
Valerie Shaw 
Karl and Mahree Skala 
Beverly Smull* 
Joyce Snow 
John Stewart 
Wynn Volkert 
Jo Ann Wait 
George and Helen Washburn* 
Llona Weiss 
Lanelle Young 
Elizabeth and Ken Zindle

* These generous donors gave foundational that established the Osher Advocate program, and are known as FOUNDERS. Thank you for your leadership!

Becoming a Friend of Osher

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of Osher@Mizzou’s future. Donations help our organization better serve its membership, keep fees affordable and solidify the future of Osher’s programming and mission. 

It’s easy to support Osher@Mizzou. Thank you for taking the time to support this meaningful continuing-education program

  • Give online
    Online giving generally takes fewer than five minutes. Fill in your donation amount, contact information and credit card information on MU’s secure system.
  • Give by mail
    Mail your check, payable to University of Missouri, to Osher@Mizzou, 344 Hearnes Center, Columbia, MO 65211. If your gift is in honor of a friend, loved one or mentor, please specify a name for the tribute.
  • Give in other ways
    If you are interested in contributing in other, even more substantial or specific ways such as supporting an endowed lecture series or significantly endowing another aspect of Osher, we would love to meet with you to explore ideas.

If you would like more information, contact Osher’s staff at or (573) 882-8189. You may also request a confidential conversation about options by contacting the office of MU Extension Advancement at 573-884-8570 or