Misssouri Steer Feedout Finale Review - 2016

Show-Me-Select Requirements - 2016

Missouri Steer Feedout 2016
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Beef Newsletter: Production and management tips for beef producers

Written By Eldon Cole, Livestock Specialist in Lawrence County
July 2016 (PDF)
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March 2016 (PDF)             Alfalfa In The Ozarks Tour (PDF)
February 2016 (PDF)        Bull Soundness Exams(PDF)            SW Center Grazing School(PDF)
January 2016 (PDF)          Monett Beef Cattlemen's Conference (PDF)

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PAT (Pesticide Applicator Training) Schedule

Missouri Steer Feedout 2015-16
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Spotted knapweed: A "new" weed program in Missouri Learn how to identify this noxios weed and what to do about it.

AI Breeding Barn (PDF) The AI breeding barn is a tool to make it easier for the producers to implement timed-AI technology.

Bull buying by the numbers (PDF) Tips on buying bulls using EPDs